hello there,

inspired by:

a colour:

Temporarily removed quotes, sky, and clouds image
i'm not sure but i think i would be blue

a season:

chocolate, autmn, and coffee image autumn, book, and fall image
definitely autumn, i love everything about it

a flower:

wow, vscogirl, and beautiful image flowers, white, and beautiful image

an element:

Inspiring Image on We Heart It waves, ocean, and sea image
i don't know why but i feel like i've got a connection with water (i'm weird)

an animal:

flowers, photography, and summer image cat, animal, and sleep image
ginger cat, they're so cute

a weather:

Temporarily removed autumn, rain, and leaves image

a city:

Temporarily removed city, aesthetic, and theme image
rome, the eternal city

a mythological creature:

Temporarily removed mermaid, ocean, and sea image
i've always wanted to be a mermaid

a greek goddess:

gold and aesthetic image art, sculpture, and statue image
athena, the goddess of wisdom and intelligence

a drink:

chocolate, food, and drink image coffee, vintage, and cup image
hot chocolate, it's delicious

a movie:

harry potter image harry potter, daniel radcliffe, and hogwarts image
any movie of harry potter