collection with all my articles about skz lyrics

let's talk about the most recent skz release "clé 2: yellow wood"

Road Not Taken

I'm walking trusting the compass
But there's a familiar scene
I go on a path that has never been stepped on
Not the main path but my own...
Even if it's suffocating, I will never stop
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@ bang chan sweetie we need full version

Side Effects

I swallow pills
Called baseless confidence
Gulp, gulp
Maybe I took so many of them
Now I'm feeling more worried than confident
Brr, brr, brr, brr
Everything is being changed
From 1 to 10
More and more
The side effects kicking in
Against my will
No no no no
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i have goosebumps when i'm reading this part


I want to become like these shining stars
We can't all become those stars Bling bling
Just like the falling stars
I'm afraid i'm going to fall...
Although this is the path i've been walking on, my eyes keep turning
Will i regret? Though i know it really doesn't work
I'm afraid it'll turn into regret
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i'm so in love with those lyrics and song, it is so beautiful

Mixtape 1

Honestly, the effectiveness of placebo
Has no effect, I’ve been deceived
I kept getting cheated while I had no confidence
Then find it and bring it here, I’m talking about inspiration...
Taking off the pessimistic filter, changing it with sense of accomplishment
Even if I have no faith, I have to trust my self...
An anchor dragging me down like I always feel hopeless
But again I’m not the kind to fall in the devil’s hands
Gotta drop my rusty chains, this is where I stand
This is my life, my time, won’t stop
Thank God I’m back alive, resurrected with the right mind
Believing myself at all times, we gonna make it
Proud of ourselves we will never break into many
Optimism to heal myself when I get hurt
The placebo I’m using to continue believing in myself
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Mixtape 2

My passion becomes my lamp and casts a light before me
When nine come together
It becomes a lighthouse and the situation changes...
Even dark shadows
Only exist with light...
A light shines on us so we can overcome it all
Even if shadows swallow us
We won’t give up...
You came too far to give up
Hard times will always pass
Throw away your worries
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i hate and adore this song so much at the same time oh my gosh

Mixtape 3

The way you’ve run is just a process for you
Flowers too
Have the process, not the moment in bloom
That’s more beautiful...
Yeah I know, we know
You can do it well
Don’t give up
You’ve done so well
What are you worrying about? Believe in yourself...
I’ve run without a break In the repeated tension
I chose a path that’s not easy
To make flowers bloom, they have to go through the winter
I hope I can see the fruits of the flowers
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Mixtape 4

I decided to go on the path and get away with everything,
If I fail,
I get back up again...
Even though my compass seems to be broken.
In their eyes, I'll move towards my will,
I'm the real-life Jack Sparrow...
Sail across the world, this is our time.
Stray Kids nine or none, we're gonna cross the finish line.
No stopping time when all we see are goals in our sights.
No turning back, push forward, rise above the light...
It's been a year and it's true now.
Call me captain, I'll do it for my crew now.
Since 2018,
My precious team, my compass...
Even when people turn away, we aren't lonely.
As long as I stay with my heart,
I can rely on a broken compass.
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everyone say "thank you, 3racha" for idea about turning 3racha tracks into those mixtapes. thats what we don't deserve but got.

so it was last article from this seria for a while. i will probably make new articles about future skz albums that exactly will blow up kpop industry.

i have no regrets that i decided to make this "research" because now i understand and adore stray kids more. they are more than just a group i stan. they and their fandom are literally my family

and i'm so happy to be part of this family.

all translations are not mine

stan stray kids

thanks for reading