Listen — if someone truly wants you around then they will do what it takes to keep you there.
You can’t force someone to care about you.
You can’t force someone to stay loyal to you.
You can’t force someone to love you.
Don’t stay because you think there isn’t more love out there.
Don’t stay because you think you can’t find better.
Don’t lie to yourself so they can seem like a better person.
Don’t walk in a hurricane just to be by their side when you know they wouldn’t do the same for you.
You have to understand that some people that enter your life aren’t meant to stay forever. Even when you feel with your entire being that this is it for you, they might not be.
But I promise - someday you will meet someone and it will make perfect sense why your past happened.
You will never feel the slightest bit less about yourself, because they will value all that you are.
You probably feel trapped or as if this is far out of reach for you, but trust me when I say, this person is out there. This person is waiting for you.
You are the person of someone’s dreams.
Someone is going to show you the purest love.
You have imperfections that someone is going to cherish.
You have a laugh that someone is going to smile just thinking about it.
You have dreams and goals that someone will support.
You have a kindness in you that someone will admire.
There is someone out there that will admire every nook and cranny of your mind.
This person exists in this world, so remember this when you’re lying in bed at night with someone who makes you feel as though you’re alone in this world.
I pray you find the love that makes you fall in love with yourself and I pray that you let go of the person that makes you feel anything less than amazing.

Words: @victoriamshultz