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yeahh, I want to try this eventough it will be very uncomfortable for me lmao. ☈

❃ I once called my mum a fag and I am not proud of it (got kicked out)
❃ I love to see other people lose like in a game or something thanks to my spitefullness
❃ I often pretend to overlook people bc I don't wanna talk to 'em.
❃ I feel alone every now and then, but I would never admit it.
❃ In kindergarten I blackmailed everyone who annoyed me or tried to steal my best friend

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❃ I do drugs and I love it
❃ I hate it sm when other people are in a bad mood I literally wanna rip their face off haha
❃ Usually I am awkward around people I barely know
❃ I guess some people don't like me bc I wear very unique and extrovert clothes

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❃ I am very bad in flirting
❃ I hate bragger
❃ I have never been in love
❃ I am scared of losing my twinbrother one day
❃ I moved out within one weekend due to a fight with my parents, when I was 18. (3 months ago)
❃ Yeah, I live in Germany and I hate it (will move to England)

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❃ Nearly all my friends are not straight
❃ I am convinced that I am better than anyone else in this world and i cannot get rid of this feeling
❃ I have a resting bitch face
❃ I believe in spirits so badly, that sometimes I am sure somebody is watching me and I am not scared at all
❃ a very good friend of mine died 3 months ago and i am still in tears
❃ I have the worst spider phobia you can imagine
❃ my dad has never told me that he loves me and neither have I

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❃ I am sure I will never be happy again, if my great-grandparents die one day (i love them sm, they are the cutest thing in the world)
❃ I have never cried in public
❃ I find most people sooooo boring

okay, maybe I am a bad person, but everyone has flaws, right?
It is the power of self-reflection, which makes us strong and able to improve ourselfes, if necessary (:

till then, have a nice one!