Jayden and Alexa look at each other.
Suddenly, a girl goes to them.She is puzzled.She looks at that girl: Who is she?
That girl looks at her.She is puzzled.
-Who are you?
Alexa looks at that girl.
Jayden looks at that girl.He smiles.
-She is Alexa!
-When did you meet her?
Jayden looks at Alexa.He smiles.
-Alexa, she is my sister Olive!
Alexa is surprised.She looks at Olive.
-You are...his sister?
Olive looks at Alexa.
Alexa looks at Olive.She smiles.
-My name is Alexa! Is nice to meet you!
Olive looks at Alexa with a serious face.
-How did you meet my brother?
-His girlfriend left his phone on the restaurant table that I was today. And he was calling her and I pick up the call and then he came to take the phone.And after...
Olive is surprised.She looks at Alexa.
-You know about...Madison?
-Yes. Jayden told me.And...
-Can you go to the bathroom with me?
Alexa is surprised.She looks at Olive.
-Yes. Now.
Alexa looks at Olive.She is puzzled.Then she smiles.
Olive looks at Jayden.
-Brother, can you wait for us outside in the car, please?
He leaves the shop.
Alexa looks at Olive.She smiles.
-We go now to the...
Olive looks at Alexa.
-Come after me!
Alexa is surprised.
Oliver goes in front.
Alexa sees her.She is puzzled.
-But the bathroom is not on that side...
After, Alexa goes after her.
Olive stops after one wall.
Alexa goes to her.She looks at Olive.
-The bathroom is not on this side.
Alexa looks at Olive.She smiles.
-I think also for you is the first time coming here! I saw the sign for bathroom! Come with me! I will show you where the bathroom is!
Olive looks angry at Alexa.
-I don’t need to go the bathroom! I want to talk with you!
Alexa is surprised.She looks at Olive.
-About what?
-About Jayden!
-What do you want to talk about....
-Stay away from my brother!
Alexa is surprised.She looks at Olive.Olive looks angry at Alexa.She gets sad.
-Because you don’t know anything about him!
-But I want to know more about him.
-Trust me! You don’t want to know!
Alexa looks at Olive.She gets sad.
-I know he has a girlfriend.
Olive looks at Alexa.
-And I also know that she left the country today. Jayden told me about this. And...he asked me to help him to find her. And...I accepted.
Olive is shocked.She looks at Alexa.
-You really...don’t know anything.
-What do you mean?
-Just...stay away from my brother!
-I am sorry. But I will not stay away from Jayden!
-Because...I like him.
Olive is surprised.She looks at Alexa.Alexa also looks at Olive.She gets sad.
-So, please let me help him find Madison.
Olive looks at Alexa.
-You will never find her.
-Why do you say this? In this life, everything is possible!
Olive looks at Alexa.She gets sad.
-In this life maybe. But in the other life...
-What do you mean the other life?
-Madison...is dead.
Alexa is shocked.She looks at Olive.
-No...Is not possible.
Olive looks at Alexa.
-Is the truth. But Jayden doesn’t want to accept this. That...Madison is dead.
Alexa looks at Olive.She gets sad.
-From...how long is she...dead?
-From one year.
Alexa is surprised.
-One year?
-Yes. And Jayden still didn’t forget about her. This is the reason why he went again to that restaurant where he and Madison had their first date. He goes there every Monday. Because on a Monday they had their first date.
Alexa gets sad.
-I knew that he really loves her.
Olive is puzzled.She looks at Alexa.
-What do you mean?
Alexa looks at Olive.
-This kind of love...even after the death of the one you love...is so special.
Olive is surprised.
-You...really think that?
-Yes. I knew that Jayden is a special men. And I was right.
-You really like him, right?
-Yes. And now after I know his love story...I like him more.
Olive is impressed.She looks at Alexa.
-I don’t know you. But...I think that you are a special girl.
Alexa is surprised.She looks at Jayden’s sister.
-Thank you. So please, let me stay by Jayden’s side. I want to help him.
-How you want to help him?
-I want to make him understand that his girlfriend is not on this Earth anymore. But I want to do this slowly. Step by step. Do you agree with this? Will you let me help your brother to understand what is real and what is not? That his love for Madison it was special, but it doesn’t exist anymore? I want to help him. And...maybe someday he will like me too. Maybe...he can love again.
Olive looks at Alexa.
-Yes. I want my brother to love again. And if you succeed, I want you to be that girl he will love again.
Alexa looks at Olive.She is impressed.
-Thank you. I will give my best for this to happen.
Olive looks at Alexa.
-You are really a good person. Thank you.
Alexa looks at Olive.Olive also looks at Alexa.
They both look at each other.

To be continued...
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