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1. ICY

Y'all can keep blah blah
They keep talkin', I keep walkin'
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You're surprised right?
It's like I broke all the rules,
I'll show you the real me
I'm a cherry on top
I'll do what I want, you just sit there and watch
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It’s my summer
Move or groove
Step or dance
Sing or shout
You like? We like it!
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4. 달라달라 (DALLA DALLA) (DallasK Remix)

Keep your chin up, we got your back (Hey!)
Keep your head up, just keep on dreamin' (Yeah!)
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5. Want It? (Imad Royal Remix)

We a star, Queen boulevard, we live how we wanna
I don’t care what people think this is our persona
You’ve never tasted our style we second to nada
Hot like a lava, fresh like Havana
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