I saw this challenge everywhere on whi so I decided to give it a go :)

name: Brittany
age: 17
birthday: June 6, 2002

zodiac sign: Gemini

gemini, astrology, and art image art, gemini, and horoscope image

hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

art, black, and future image city, milwaukee, and pretty image


hair, girl, and hairstyle image girl, eyes, and beautiful image lips image makeup, girl, and highlight image
natural curly brown hair with blonde highlights, bright blue eyes, soft plump lips, blinding highlight

famous for:

Temporarily removed dangerous, goals, and happy image babe, celebrity, and latina image Image by emadamir
singer and songwriter


sahar luna, sahar, and grunge image fashion and style image girl, korean girl, and ulzzang image chic, denim, and nike image
street wear
fashion image fashion, yellow, and outfit image fashion, girl, and aesthetic image zendaya image
fashion, tumblr, and glitter image 90s and sparkle image fashion, purple, and style image fashion, glitter, and grunge image
on stage / music videos
fashion, dress, and model image fashion, dress, and glitter image outfit image beautiful, fashion, and glamour image
red carpet


home, interior, and room image bedroom, room, and home image room, light, and makeup image bathroom, pink, and luxury image
smallish/decent size home in cali

celebrity best friends:

twenty one pilots, tyler joseph, and tøp image twenty one pilots, josh dun, and tyler joseph image beautiful, girl, and hair image brendon urie, panic! at the disco, and P!ATD image melanie martinez image zendaya image
Tyler Joseph, Josh Dun, Debby Ryan, Brendon Urie, Melanie Martinez, and Zendaya