1. take care of yourself.

Even if it's as silly as putting moisturizer on your face in the morning, or going to bed early to read a book. Do what you feel is necessary to get rid of stress and other negative stuff.

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2. stop listening to sad music.

Really. It’s not gonna help you. Things started getting better once I stopped listening to sad music 24/7. You don’t have to entirely stop it, it’s okay to listen to a couple sad songs once in a while. But not every day, all day. Find songs that make you feel like you're on top of the world, and listen to those.

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3. put your phone down.

Seeing others get a few hundred likes on posts where you only get fifty. Reading negative things on Twitter. Scrolling aimlessly through Facebook when you've got nothing else to do.

Put your phone down. Go outside, even if it's just to sit on the grass and look up at the sun or the clouds or whatever's up there. Connect with the real world.

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4. hang out with positive people.

It's not going to help you if you're hanging with people who make you feel bad. Be with someone who makes you laugh. Be with someone who makes you feel like you can be silly and joke around.

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5. think positively.

That's not going to happen overnight. You need to constantly remind yourself that your first thought about yourself is usually wrong. That first 'I'm not worth it', 'I'm fat', 'No one wants to hang out with me' is just your brain telling you the things it's been telling you forever.

Every time you think something like this, be aware of it. That's the first step. If you're aware of it, you can contradict it and tell yourself that's not the truth. It takes a while, but you'll notice that it'll take you less effort after a while.

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That's it for now! Hope it helps you in some way and check out my other articles down below.