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Name: Coralie (means โ€˜coraliumโ€™, translating as โ€˜coralโ€™)
Age: 18
Birthday: August 26, 2000
Sign: Virgo

โ Appearance:

beautiful woman, goals, and inspiration image

โ Hair:

girl, black hair, and aesthetic image body, fit, and glitter image
elegant black

โ Eyes:

eyes and make up image
light blue, gray

โ Bras:

magic, mermaid, and sea image
diamond blue

โ Tail:

mermaid, blue, and sea image mermaid and water image
diamond blue

โ Crown:

crown and mermaid image
smaller crown as a pendant

โ Aquatic creature friends:

dolphins and blue image Temporarily removed
a dolphins and a seal

โ Best friends:

mermaid image mermaid, ocean, and fantasy image mermaid, water, and blue image mermaid and friends image
with my besties always in the water

โ Collections:

crystals image
a lot of crystals

โ Power:

mermaid and pirate image
my gorgeous singing will attract any man to the water

โ I would live:

beach, summer, and sea image bora bora and travel image
probably somewhere on Bora Bora

โ Human style:

aesthetic, girl, and style image nails image Temporarily removed aesthetic, ulzzang, and fashion image nails, blue, and glitter image fashion, style, and outfit image
classics, comfortable clothing

โ Human crush: แด‡ สŸ แด แด

boy and icon image Image removed

โ Personality:

quotes image art, hands, and paint image makeup, girl, and pink image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed quotes image aesthetic, archive, and fashion image diamonds, drowning, and girl image
ambitious, caring, loving, believer in love, confident, friendly, funny, artistic, a little goofy.. singer, makeup artist, swimmer..
beach, beauty, and couples image

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