Hey Babes! Even though we still have time before the next school year starts, I wanted to put together some tips on how to improve your school year and help it suck less. Enjoy! I might post TIPS on High School/ What to Expect, so give this article a heart if you want to see that!

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1) Get Organized
I suggest getting a separate, plastic folder for each individual class you are going to take. DO NOT get paper folders, since they will rip to shreds. Also, label all your notebooks and folders and clean out your folders once a month to not accumulate too many old assignments.

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2) Use a Planner
This may seem cliche, but planners really do help keep track of tests, quizzes, assignments, passwords, emails, and reminders! Use colorful pens for each class and use fun stickers! When I stopped using my planner because I was lazy, I forgot some things and was stressed! Get a small, lightweight planner, doesn't have to be fancy, but I like a cute cover to feel more motivated.

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3) Get a GOOD IMPRESSION with your teachers
Starting on the first day or week of school, be friendly and nice to your teachers. Something as simple as saying, "Good morning!" to "Thank you Mrs/Mr___" is a good start!

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4) Form cooperative relationships with your peers/ table mates
You should try to introduce yourself to the people around you, or next to you if you don't know them. If you introduce yourself to them on the first day, it won't be as awkward as talking to them for the first time 3 weeks later when you are forced to work on a group project. You also can help each other out, and maybe make new friends, which is always more enjoyable!

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5) Pack an emergency kit in your bag/ locker!
This one is crucial! I found myself in a tangle sometimes, and an emergency kit that includes *ESSENTIALS!!* : Spare clothes, bandages, cough drops, tissue, money, snacks, Advil, earbuds, concealer, hand sanitizer, pads, chapstick, deodorant, stain pen remover, hair ties, sweater, etc... are important! If you have a locker, you can keep most of the larger things and clothes in there. Also, buy Travel Sized items to keep them lightweight!

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6) Always have snacks & Money
Sometimes, we are stuck in a class with a grumbling stomach. Luckily, I prevent that now by always carrying with me one or two snacks to hold me over until lunch. Also, I keep quarters and some money with me if I want to buy extra food, if I forget my lunch, or if I'm thirsty.

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7) Time Management
Make sure to not procrastinate too much when you get home to do homework. I usually get all the easiest assignments due the next day, then study for any test or quiz I have the following day, then I work on longer assignments or work that is due in the next few days.

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8) Join a sports team or club!
I'm on the high school dance team, and it is such a good activity after school. I've met my best friends, had so much fun during the events, and also it is a good stress reliever, since I forget about all my worries.

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That's all I have for right now, because it is currently past 1 am. I always decide to write super late, I don't know why, haha. Hope you got something out of this article! Night Babes,


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