»»——— House Chai ———-««


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Chai Hu, descendant of the last yellow emperor. Born in 260 AC.


The Pearl Isles, located just beyond Cackclaw point, near Kingslanding and Dragonstone.


A flat island, but to the outer edge behind Jewell lay a rolling hill, holding a small shrine for the Maiden-Made-Of-Light.

Chai Hu was a maiden living in YiTi, under exile with her father, the ruler of Carcosa. Exiled for his use of dark sorcery, he went mad. In the city of Carcosa, she met a Lysene trader man. She ended up pregnant out of wedlock, to which her father was unaware just yet. The man gave Hu a large ship, as she loaded Yitish wealth and valuables in. As she sailed from the port of Carcosa in 281 AC, her father heard word of the bastard. He hunted the man down, killing him on the docks as she watched.

Birthing her daughter on the Jade sea in 282 AC, she named her after the precious gem.

After months of sailing, she stumbled on the island. She began building Jewell in 284 AC, just as Roberts rebellion had finished. The two met in 285 AC, As Robert saw wealthy allies, he agreed for their independence. This is thought to have caused the Greyjoy rebellion in 289 AC.

Ancestral Weapon:

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Araxon, mined and forged in Carcosa thousands of years ago. This mineral is so rare, it has only been found once, enough to make the Chai family weapon. The mineral was named after the weapon, making it incredibly rare. The maker of this was killed shortly after, to hide the secrets of the smelting of araxon, in case the weapon fell into wrong handling. It is stronger and sharper than steel, and much lighter.


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The silhouette of a white tiger, against the golden rays of the sun.

The white tiger is a prominent image to House Chai, so much so they own one of their own. Loi, ridden by Chai Jade.


House Chai is regarded to as the most wealthy house, sprinkling their food with crushed pearls and emeralds. The Lady of House Chai wears the traditional gold cloth, green pearls, and Jade that emperors are to wear. They grow and export saffron, a rare spice held highly in Westeros.


_A small town by the name Amathex is situated on the other side of Jewell, with a small population of 5,000. Most are saffron growers, traders, merchants, or servants of House Chai. Amethex is named after the legendary Amethyst Empress of YiTi. Their houses are said to be made of polished quartz, and their furniture of silk.