Have you watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?

No? Well, you should.

And it's not only because FEMALES ARE STRONG AS HELL oops! * clears throat * I mean... Not only because it is a silly and funny and authentic and awesome show, but because it's an amazing way to laugh of every shit that is (still) happening in our world.

The show brings subjects such as racism, homophobia, sexism, politics and more in a humorous, spicy, acid way. And it is still soft. It makes you think about so many aspects of life, not only about the way white-straight-religious-right oriented-MEN built the society. It's a bomb. It's amazing.

I was watching the ninth episode of the last season and, man, I replayed the last 3 minutes a thousand times.

After a whole '' what if'' episode, when we learn what probably would have happened if Kimmy hadn't been kidnapped, Titus says:

Hey! Do you ever wonder how your life might've been different if you'd never gotten in that van?

and Kimmy says, without hesitate not even for a second:

No. There's no point. I've been through a lot of terrible stuff that I wish had never happened. But I still have to believe that this is where I'm meant to be, because if I didn't... I'd go crazy.

And after that we see Titus thinking about that deeply and then we see them laughing and saying things they had already said in the episode, while the 'what if' part was on as if it had to be like that.

You know? That made me think that perhaps it had. And in life, sometimes, things happen because it is how it has to be. You needed to get fired, you needed to lose the chance to study in that university, you needed to have your heart broken one, two, ten times, as you needed to be born in your family, you needed to meet your friends (and those who are not). You needed everything that happened in your life because [cliche alert] it builds who you are and you have to be proud of who you are, cause think about it... you could be now a forking (yeah! I watch the good place, too ;) ) shitty person.

Lana Parrilla has as her life's philosophy the following thought:

You are exactly where you need to be. Just take a deep breath.

So, kids, (not to be a Pollyanna, but it's how Kimmy does it, too) pay close attention here: you gotta embrace all the shit that happened to you and you gotta be proud of the way you overcame everything and you gotta be happy for who you are and for what you're doing now because that's not forever. Nothing is. So it's your only job to enjoy your stay on Earth.

Do not waste it.


p.s. Remember to see things in a better way. A Kimmy way.

kimmy schmidt image

outro p. s. Be unbreakable. Bye :)