ok here's the deal: i am constantly updating my spotify.
it gets frustrating because all i want to do is share the music i love with all of you lovely people; but there is just simply to much of it.

so i thought i'd make a playlist that consists of my 20 favorite indie/alt/viby songs that you probably haven't heard before & i update it every week to keep it fresh.

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Week 2

  • constantinople - fishing in japan
  • hot potatoes - the kinks
  • u could find - smoothboi ezra
  • every night i die at miyagis - ariel pink
  • brittany murphy is my dream girl - pill friends
  • lipstick - ariel pink
  • easy to forget - drugdealer
  • passionade - milkpunch
  • worst party ever - worst party ever
  • red wine - grapetooth
  • 3:67am - worst party ever
  • taking up space - mustard service
  • instead of my room - charlie burg
  • green rain - mvzonik
  • letters from last summer - charlie burg
  • salty sweet - trace mountains
  • pizza boy - jack stauber
  • thanksforcoming.bandcamp.com - thanks for coming
  • ur dog just bit me - dearly somber
  • tinkerbell freakness - milkpunch
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