When did you start stanning nct?

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during the Limitless era, I was already listening to a few of their songs before but I was still pretty new into Kpop at that time and sadly didn't check out more of their stuff earlier -.-

First song you listened to?

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Firetruck ( I'm not 100% sure maybe Chewing gum or 7th sense)

All time favorite song?

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(it's a masterpiece**)

Favorite nct mv?

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The 7th Sense - nct u

Favorite choreo?

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Firetruck and My First and Last (actually it's the one dance practice from SR15B but I guess that doesn't count so...)


nct 127

taeyong and nct image nct, taeyong, and lee taeyong image icon, preview, and lq image icon, preview, and lq image
first and current: Taeyong
nct, doyoung, and nct 127 image kpop, doyoung, and nct image
wrecker: Doyoung

nct u

taeyong, nct, and nct127 image taeyong, nct, and nct127 image
first: Taeyong
kun, nct, and kpop image nct, kun, and kpop image
Current: Kun
nct, taeyong, and nct u image taeyong, nct, and nct u image doyoung, nct, and kpop image Temporarily removed
wreckers: Taeyong, Doyoung

nct dream

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first: Jeno
nct, renjun, and nct dream image Image by -:♡:- nct dream and renjun image nct and renjun image
current: Renjun
Image by -:♡:- kpop, jaemin, and nct image lucas, ten, and winwin image boy, korean, and ten image
wreckers: Jeno & Jaemin


asian, boys, and icons image kpop, nct, and kun image
first: Kun
wayv, yangyang, and nct image cyber, edit, and edits image
current: Kun & Ehrenmann Yangyang
boys, icons, and kpop image wayv lucas xiaojun image
wrecker: Xiaojun


heart, softcore, and cute image nct and renjun image wayv, yangyang, and nct image nct, nct dream, and renjun image
Kun, Yangyang, Renjun (tbh they already changed so often I'm currently at a point where I feel dirty for always betraying them… but their all so precious picking only one is so hard)

Favorite era(s)? (nct 127)

johnny, mark, and ten image mark, nct, and nct 127 image jaehyun, nct, and nct 127 image chinese, fashion, and japanese image

Favorite era(s)? (nct u)

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The 7th Sense (again^^)

Favorite era(s)? (nct dream)

nct dream, nct, and jisung image nct dream, chewing gum, and jaemin image nct dream, nct, and mark image ten, winwin, and taeyoung image
Go, My First and Last & Chewing Gum! (tbh every single one of their eras was just legendary)

Favorite era(s)? (wayv)

wayv, lucas, and ten image kpop, lucas, and SM image
Take off

Favorite song(s) at the moment?

  • Fireflies - nct dream
  • End to Start - nct 127
  • Bye my first - nct dream
  • Stronger - nct dream
  • Wakey Wakey – nct 127
  • Best Friend - nct Dream (I love this song so much!)

Favourite Albums?

Empathy, Regular Irregular, Superhuman

Favorite song(s) from each NCT album:

Firetruck - First mini album: Another World, Firetruck, Switch

Limitless: Limitless

Cherry Bomb: Cherry Bomb

Chain: Chain

Regular Irregular: Run Back 2 U

Regulate: Simon Says

Awaken: End to Start

Superhuman: Highway to Heaven

The First: My First and Last

We Young: My Page

Go Up: We Go Up

We Boom: Best Friend, Bye my first

The Vision: Love U, Dream Launch

Empathy: The 7th Sense

Do you own any merchandise?

kpop and merch image aesthetic, grunge, and hipster image
yes 8 Albums: The First, We Young, We go up, Firetruck, Limitless, Cherry Bomb, Superhuman & Empathy

Favorite vocalist(s)?

nct, doyoung, and nctu image nct, haechan, and icon image jungwoo, kpop, and nct 127 image edit, icon, and nct image nct dream, nct, and kpop image boys, chinese, and kpop image
really hard to decide but i guess Doyoung, Renjun, Haechan, Xiaojun, Jungwoo and Chenle

Favorite rapper(s)?

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Mark and Taeyong

Favorite dancer(s)?

I can't decide :I

gif, winwin, and nct image
gif, donghyuck, and nct image
gif, smtown, and nct image
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Taeyong,& Ten
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boys, gif, and ten image
Yangyang & Hendery

Favorite visual(s)?

asian, boy, and handsome image gif image johnny, lucas, and mark image nct, nct u, and doyoung image Image removed nct, winwin, and nct 127 image
Every single one of them is visually blessing but if I had to choose guess I would pick Taeyong, Renjun, Winwin, Lucas, Jeno and Doyoung

Cutest member(s)?

idol, kpop, and male image Temporarily removed taeyong and nct image nct, nct dream, and jisung image
Winwin, Taeyong, Jisung uwu

Funniest member(s)?

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Johnny, Lucas

Member(s) you think you share most in common with?

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maybe Jisung, Renjun, Jeno or Doyoung

Members you think you would get closest first?

Image by j.✩ wayv, nct, and yangyang image
Mark & Yangyang

Members you would go on midnight adventures with?

boys, ten, and winwin image aesthetic, boys, and Hot image lucas, boy, and kpop image boys, icons, and kpop image
Yangyang, Hendery, Xiaojun and Lucas would propably be extremly hilarious

Members you would to share a room with?

smrookies, nct, and xiaojun image nct and yangyang image idols, smrookies, and nct image kpop, seasons greetings, and taeyong image
Taeyong, Yangyang, Xiaojun

Member you would like as your brother?

nct, yangyang, and wayv image Image by aa

Member you would choose as husband?

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I think Xiaojun but then there is also Kun and Yangyang and they just arghhdhibtrewb-

Thank you for reading this probably way too long thing but I couldn't just pick one member for each category and there exist just way too many good pics of the boys in this world! :)

(And sorry for any mistakes or stuff English isn't my native language.)

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and stream boom :)

Also if you don't know already I would appreciate it if you stopped following any SMtown socialmedia pages since the sm staff has treated their artist (especially Chinese) over the years often badly and after recent incidents regarding Renjun and Winwin fans are trying to fight for justice.