.my favorite songs at the moment.

couple, girl, and love image couple, love, and black and white image
"love is in the atmosphere, you can feel it in the air" /Outta My Head/ Khalid with John Mayer
girl, photography, and aesthetic image aesthetic, alternative, and driving image
"in your world i have no meaning" /Missing You/ John Waite
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"i just want to be your pretty girl, when you want it" /Prophet/ King Princess
Temporarily removed couple, love, and hug image
"why you switch phone numbers like clothes" /Phone Numbers/ Dominic Fike
actress, Anne Hathaway, and black and white image art, retro, and shadows image
"constantly comparing all of my actions to the ones you knew" /Pieces of Us/ Mark Ronson ft. King Princess
Temporarily removed couple and love image
"give me your two lips and baby, i'll shut up" /shut up/ Greyson Chance