Hello beautiful people!!! It´s been so long since i write an article, but I´m here now.

Little update, the past month I start watching Grey´s Anatomy, and for some reason I ended loving it and now I have a little obsesion with it. What´s new?

So, why not write an article if i were there while I´m waiting to the chapter is ready (I´m watching s15 and having issues with the pages, but Ipm okay, I will finish this to watch the new one before is release)

girl, fashion, and hair image girl, eyes, and beauty image fashion, outfit, and jeans image boots, escalator, and fashion image
aurora marshall
Mature image baby, bebe, and family image anatomia, anatomy, and baby image Image by AboveWeird
neonatal (fetal surgery) and obstetrics and gynaecology
baby, boy, and twins image baby and twins image
i´m a single mom and i have twins boys. Milo and Luca
my person
Greys, grey's anatomy, and sheperd image amelia shepherd image beautiful, doctor, and laugh image Greys image
amelia sheperd
my friends
grey's anatomy image doctors, greys anatomy, and surgeons image actor, baby, and funny image Temporarily removed
with amelia, these are the people who understand me the most. but i get along with pretty much everyone
my scrub caps
wallpaper, flowers, and pattern image
quotes, human, and life image Temporarily removed aesthetic, feminists, and girl image skins, cassie, and blonde image be strong, enemies, and jealous image quotes, life, and words image

blondie, friends and family call me that

the enchantress of babies, people at work, colleagues and everyone who knows my work. i´m a legend for the moms

the evil princess, the nurses call me like that because an intern joke that happen one time

hope u like it, i enjoy doing this so much. love you the most and check out my others articles if u like too.

and watch grey´s anatomy