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spiderman: far from home was so boring

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I love tom holland as the Spiderman but this movie was so damn boring because of Jake Gyllenhaal, like seriously one of the worst marvel "villains" ever.

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are not cancelled

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I've seen multiple posts saying that kp and ts are no longer popular or relevant, this is the stupidest thing I have ever heard (btw I'm a kp fan but no were near a ts fan) there fan bases are both so big just because they release a couple songs that are not your cup of tea does not mean there ultimately canceled right away as if they haven't been running the game for more than a decade.

blackpink fans are crazy

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this is coming from a Kpop fan of more than 5 years, I'm not talking about the group themselves only the fandom, i'm gonna make this short, all I have to say is they are the most separated and bombarding ( bombarding: subject (someone) to a continuous flow of questions, criticisms, or information) fandom I have ever seen in Kpop.

America's got talent is so fake

All shows like this really but especially this one, you really expect me to believe some of the shit they put through on this show

these people are overrated (sorry not sorry)

Image by Lola emma stone image beach, boys, and pose image actress, blue, and meme image
Michael B Jordan, Emma Stone, Noah centineo, Brie Larson

these people are underrated

actress, beautiful, and cover image taylor schilling, oitnb, and funny image elizabeth gillies and beautiful image Amy Adams image
Elizabeth Olsen, Taylor Schilling, Elizabeth Gillies, Amy Adams (idk how popular they are I just feel like they deserve more recognition)

why doesn't Lana del Rey get any nominations for award shows and stuff

lana del rey, ️lana del rey, and vintage image

ok this is more of a question then a opinion but, i'm so confused why she has like never been nominated (or if she has why hasn't she won) for any awards, like Grammys, billboard music awards, American music awards ect. is it because she's a indie artist?

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