the little mermaid:
ariel and eric

love, couple, and kiss image Temporarily removed sea, ship, and pirate image Temporarily removed
aquarius and aries

jasmine and aladdin

Temporarily removed couple and love image adventure is out there image tiger, animal, and aesthetic image
leo and gemini

sleeping beauty:
aurora and phillip

art, Best, and flowers image horse, princess, and fantasy image royal, gold, and prince image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
sagittarius and pisces

beauty and the beast:
belle and adam

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed couple, wedding, and princess image castle, hall, and palace image
aries and libra

the princess and the frog:
tiana and neveen

Temporarily removed frog image Image by Charlotte Malt stars, sky, and night image
capricorn and leo

rapunzel and eugene

beach, boat, and flower image disney, crown, and princess image tangled image Temporarily removed
cancer and scorpio

cinderella and henry

Image by Ʈђἰʂ Iᵴɲ'ʈ ᙢᶓ Temporarily removed blue, dress, and fashion image aesthetic, alice in wonderland, and key image
virgo and taurus

mulan and shang

Temporarily removed red, armor, and dragon image horse, animal, and aesthetic image Image by ⭐
leo and capricorn

meg and hercules

beaty, hipster, and shoes image aesthetic, greek, and mythology image classy, grunge, and hipster image flowers, fountain, and water image
sagittarius and libra