Day 28

What is the thing your character is ace at?

Meg is an ace at finding a solution for everything. Whenever one of her friends (mainly her male friends) are in a tricky situation, Meg is always the one who keeps cool and finds a way out of the fiasco. Archie and Tom always make fun of her that she would be the Sherlock Holmes of their clique.

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Day 29

What is the object that your character is most attached to?

Itโ€™s more a small collection of objects Meg got from Tom when they were at the Caribbean. On their last evening Tom bought her a golden necklace with a palm-tree charm and one week after their return he gifted her a little journal with all the memories and pictures the group collected during their time on the island.

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Those things have now a pretty special place in Megโ€™s room and heart.

This is all for day twenty eight and twenty nine. Thank you so much for reading my article and I really hope you liked it. See you on Tuesday.

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