book, girl, and library image 60s, folk, and retro image
─ what's your name? Ana
food, croissant, and french image art, aesthetic, and statue image
─ what's your zodiac sign? capricorn
vintage image quotes, sun, and text image
─ when is your birthday? 01/10/2002
music, aesthetic, and theme image Image removed
─ what kind of music do you listen to? I listen almost every kind of music. Indie, Kpop, pop, MPB...
drink, food, and cake image coffee, drink, and food image
─ do you like vanilla or chocolate more? chocolate
quotes, poetry, and movie image Temporarily removed
─ what's your favorite movie? dead poets society
book, flowers, and aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
─ did you like your childhood? definitely
animal, cat, and kitten image ulzzangs, friends, and best friends image
─ do you like hugs or kisses more? hugs
cat, animal, and hope image cat, girl, and animal image
─ have you ever been in a relationship? not really
Inspiring Image on We Heart It fruit, orange, and food image
─ what's your favorite food? fruits
mirror, girl, and bed image fashion, style, and hairstyle image
─ what kind of hairstyle is your favorite on yourself? ponytail or just loose
aesthetic, makeup, and skincare image girl, beauty, and skincare image
─ do you have a skin care routine? yes, but it's pretty simple
ariana grande, hair, and ariana image Temporarily removed
─ what's one song that makes you happy? 7 rings by Ariana Grande
flowers, hand, and vintage image Image removed
─ what's your favorite flower? daisy
tattoo, heart, and couple image Image by L I V
─ do you want tattoos? I already have 4, so for now I don't want more