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Algunas de las canciones que creo rompen la barrera del tiempo y se pueden escuchar cuando sea.
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pride (in the name of love) - u2
Image removed black and white and jump image
I wanna dance with somebody - whitney houston
80s, alternative, and boy image moon, purple, and room image
friday I'm in love - the cure
Image by bibbi aesthetic, alternative, and art image
heroes - david bowie
Amy Winehouse, amy, and back to black image Image by mattamanga
tears dry on their own - amy winehouse
lizzo image Image by โšœ๏ธLuna en el Cielo โšœ๏ธ
juice - lizzo
earth wind & fire, verdine white, and maurice white image water, aesthetic, and pool image
let's groove - earth, wind & fire
90s, extreme, and nuno bettencourt image art, beautiful, and blue image
more than words - extreme
pearl jam, grunge, and eddie vedder image Temporarily removed
yellow ledbetter - pearl jam
Image removed art, moon, and drawing image
canโ€™t stop loving you - phil collins
Freddie Mercury, Queen, and roger taylor image Image by Le Cirque des Rรชves.
under pressure - queen x david bowie
Image by kawaii kanye west 1983, album, and pop image
girls just wanna have fun - cyndi lauper
bee gees image disco ball, florals, and flowers image
staying alive - bee gees
aesthetic, ancient, and bookstore image wallpaper, eyes, and aesthetic image
donโ€™t you (forget about me) - simple minds
wallpaper, park, and vintage image maurice, white, and earth wind and fire image
september - earth, wind & fire
Image by ฮฑเธ—ฮฑลฅาฝษพษพฮฑโ˜ผโ˜ฝโ˜†๏พŸ

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