This is chapter 15 (Part 1) of the Fantasy Filled Dream Story. Again, I highly recommend reading the previous chapters before reading this one so you know exactly what's happening.

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Genre: Fantasy, Some comedy, Angst,
Rating: For all
Word Count: 6.5k

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Okay, so... I was writing non-stop and this chapter ended up being a lot longer than expected, so I have broken it down into Part 1 and Part 2. Part 2 will have the 'sensual part'. The link for Part 2 will below as usual (I will upload it soon).
Thank you to the people who have the patience to read all of my stories fully especially with the amount of misspelling and mistakes. Respects to you for that, even I get frustrated with the mistakes I make but thank you <3


Lila and I finally arrived at the house.
“Michael!” Lila called out and skipped joyously to him.
Michael slightly jumped out of his deep thought and turned to see Lila. His somber expression almost instantly changed to an adorable, bright smile. They both quickly approached each other and embraced lovingly.
I smiled but the horrible feeling in my stomach remained, especially as James was nowhere to be found.
I was almost afraid to ask but I mustered up the courage with a deep inhale and asked.
“Welcome back Michael… Where’s James?”
Michael turned to me, his expression changing back from a smile to a worrisome expression.
“I think you should sit down for this, y/n.” He said with a concerned look in his eyes.
He hadn’t said anything yet and I was already on the verge of tears.

“When we returned home, we attempted to interrogate the person we captured to find out about their purpose but he wouldn’t speak at all. As a resort, we used a truth serum on him but oddly just as he opened his mouth to speak, his entire body froze completely. And even more bizarre, his face started morphing, as did his voice. When he actually spoke it was as though he was possessed. He spoke directly to James and said, You are reaping what you’ve sown, not only you but those you love and care for will pay too. If you want to approach me then all you have to do is ask… Old Pal! I’m always ready to repay the favour! And the person started laughing hysterically and vanished from head to toe, like sand dissolving in the wind.”
“Old Pal?” Lila wondered.
“Yes, it sounds like something someone used to say but I can’t seem to remember.” Michael added.
“Yes, it’s oddly familiar.” Lila agreed.
“Then what happened?” I asked impatiently.
“After the person said those words and disappeared, James’ expression changed completely, I haven’t seen him this petrified before. He was trembling, his eyes wide and horrified as if he witnessed a mortifying sight. I asked him if he was okay but he disappeared as well, I even panicked for a second until I realized I could still hear him gasping for air. I thought he simply went back to being invisible but then he re-appeared. But strangely, when he re-appeared he emitted this dark, inauspicious aura and smoke around his whole body, almost like black flames? I tried to reach out to James but the dark flames seemed to have a life of its own, it almost attacked me when I reached for him. It was as if James couldn’t even hear me, like he was in a hypnotic state.” Michael explained.

My heart raced with fear.
“Where is he now?” I stressed.
“After he re-appeared, he headed straight to his study but as he walked there it was as if he was attracting or emitting some kind of bad luck. Wherever he stepped foot objects would fall; light bulbs would burst; things would start flying across the room. Right now he’s in his study, mom and dad are trying to calm the situation and figure out how to solve this. We felt the person that could help the most right now would be you…but at the same time I feel it may be very dangerous to involve you in this.” He replied.
“What? No! I have to help! I can’t just stay here and not do anything! I know I don’t have powers but…” I panicked.
Lila placed her hands onto mine for support.
“We don’t know what kind of magic we are dealing with so it can be very risky.” Michael pondered.

“But y/n… James told me a while back that he saw certain potentials in you. And it makes sense because we all believe you and James are soul mates. Us sorcerers are big believers in meeting our counterparts and the fact that you healed James was the biggest indication that you are the one for him.” He explained.
“James is my soul mate?” I asked, shocked.
“I believe so too!” Lila smiled.
“Yes. And because soul mates reflect each other’s energy that means you two share the same energy.” Michael elaborated.
“Um…but isn’t James like one of the most powerful sorcerers? You do understand I’m just an average human…right?” I doubted.
“You believe you are average because you are not awakened yet. Once you realize your own potential and work on it, you’ll amaze yourself at how much you can do. Actually mom predicted this and she prepared a few things to help you to awaken.” He disclosed.
“Awaken? So you’re telling me I can not only do magic but I can be as powerful as James?!” I confirmed.
“Not can be, you are as powerful as him, as soon as you awaken you will sense the power you hold.” He replied.
Although, this information was overwhelming it was also empowering. Part of me doubted all of this yet the other part me wished what Michael was saying was true.
I struggled a lot just to get to the job I was in right now and although it was what I aimed for deep down I felt like I wasn’t completely satisfied in that job, as if a part of me needed more and felt like that there was more that I could do. But, never in a million years would I have expected this… part of me was excited that I matched James’ level because somehow I began to think he was out of my league and this gave me a huge relief. I now had hope I could actually be there for James as much as he was there for me.

“I still don’t get the soul mate thing…” I said.
“Soul mates go through lifetimes together. You may be a human in this life but this may not have been the case in your past lives. And the skills and powers you gained in past lives continue to remain with you in your next lives but they stay dormant until you begin to awaken. Soul mates in particular reincarnate together again and again, of course if they choose to do so. But they meet again to help each other to grow and evolve as souls. I’m sure you both have spent many lifetimes together that’s why the attraction was so strong when you two met. That’s the thing between soul mates there’s this energy that pulls you to one another yet there’s this sense of familiarity, almost like a sense of comfort.” He explained as he smiled at Lila and Lila smiled back.

Ah… That explains why I felt safe in James’ arms when he was kidnapping me…I thought that was weird…
I remembered.
“So does that mean Lila’s your soul mate?” I smiled.
“I am confident she is.” Michael answered confidently as he smiled at Lila and Lila blushed.
“You two are adorable.” I smiled.
“So what do we do now?” I asked.
“I suggest that we return to our realm but… Where’s Edward?” Michael asked.
“Ah… He’s taking care of my friend who’s unwell… Should I call him?” I asked.
“It’s ok if he’s taking care of someone… Hm.. I’ll call him and let him know what happened.” He said and went to the other corner of the room to make his call.

“Everything is going to be ok, y/n.” Lila comforted.
“I’m just worried… What if I can’t help James?” I worried.
“I know you will be able to, have faith.” She consoled.
“Alright. Edward knows, he said he’ll join us later. Ready to go?” Michael asked as he approached us again.
Lila and I nodded.
We exited through the hedges in the garden through the big portal.

We arrived straight into the mansion but this time, to be more specific, the grand living room.
“I’ll let mom know we’re here.” Michael said and closed his eyes for a while. And just when he was about to re-open his eyes someone appeared in front of us.
It was Mary, unlike her fancy attires from before she was now completely transformed.
She wore this long black dress, almost like a gown and matching black gloves. Her makeup was intense yet captivating; certain marks and symbols were drawn specifically around her temples and she was embellished with crystal jewellery; from multiple rings on top of her gloves to extravagant looking necklaces around her neck and to top it off, a very majestic looking crown on her head. She appeared like a very ethereal wizard, not only did she look beautiful but she also emitting this powerful energy, so strong that it almost intimidated me. But, as soon as saw me she smiled brightly, approaching me in the same warm and friendly manner as always.
“y/n! Dear, I’m so glad you’re here. I missed you.” She said with a bright smile.
“I missed you all as well. You look very lovely.” I responded.
“Oh, that’s right, you haven’t seen us in these attires before. This is almost like our work uniform.” She chuckled.
“Lila! Welcome back, dear!” Mary greeted and hugged Lila.
“How have you been?” Lila replied.
“I can’t lie, things have been quite stressful. We tried to dampen the situation but nothing has been effective so far.” Mary sighed.
“How’s James?” I asked.
“In his study. He’s been in that same place for hours. He hasn’t responded to anyone. Thomas is there right now keeping an eye on him but you’re here now I truly think you’ll be able to get him out of that state.” Mary said.
“Can I go see him?” I asked.
“I don’t think so, dear. At least not right now. It’s too dangerous.” Mary declined.
I sighed.

“Don’t worry y/n. Mom will help you to get prepared.” Michael ensured.
“Yes, you told her about the awakening process. Are you ready for it, dear? It’s your choice whether you want to do it or not. I completely understand if you don’t, please don’t feel pressurized.” Mary said kindly.
“No. I really want to help… I need to help James. He needs me… I feel it.” I said sadly.
Mary wrapped her arms around me. Her embrace was warm and comforting yet it gave me strength.

“I’m going to take y/n to my study. Michael, can you and Lila join Thomas in the study in case he needs help?” Mary asked.
“Of course. Edward will join us later.” Michael said.
“Be careful, dear.” Mary said to Edward and Lila before she grabbed my hands and our surroundings started fading away slowly.

As our old surrounding disappeared, a new environment emerged around us.
Wherever we were was filled with lush green plants, trees and other exotic vegetation that moved on their own accord. Vines and other plants swayed elegantly as if they were orchestrating the calming Celtic music that was playing. It seemed like we were in a massive greenhouse, similar to the one Edward showed me when I first came to this world but this one was different.
It was almost like a labouratory. There were tables filled with microscopes, vials of glowing potions, piles of books and liquids brewing in little pots and others brewing in a big cauldron on an open fire.
Newly grown plants and tiny creatures grew in tubes and under florescent light. Surprisingly, it was actually the animals that were busy brewing the potions. Especially at the big cauldron there was a little stool in which Chip stood on top of and was stirring the liquid in the big cauldron.

Ah… now it feels like a wizard world.
I nodded to myself.
“Did it not seem like a wizard world before?” Mary chuckled.
I was stunned.
“Ah sorry dear, I forgot to turn my telepathy off. We were trying to communicate or at least hear James’ thoughts but it didn’t help.” Mary said.
“Ah...” I said.
“I’ll get the items, make yourself at home, y/n.” She said before she disappeared to the other side of the room.

I took a deep inhale as I took in the sound of running water and the soothing melody playing.
James… Hang in there… I’ll come and get you…
I said in my head.
“Human.” A deep voice called out.
Shocked, I lifted my head and my eyes landed on the little monkey stirring the liquid in the cauldron. I smiled at its adorable little face.
“Hi, Chip, I missed you.” I smiled as I approached him.
“The feeling is mutual. I see you are ready to awaken.” He said in his serious grandfather voice as he added a few leaves into the cauldron.
“I am… I think…” I sighed.
“The process usually takes weeks, months and even years but Mary has the ability to awaken others in a much quicker time period. But human… this is a very delicate process; it has to be done precisely. Although, we will do most of the work, the remaining part is done by you and this means you have to have confidence and trust in yourself.” He explained.
I took a deep breath and nodded.
He was right, for what I was about to face I needed to have strength and courage and that meant trusting in myself. I had no idea where these feelings were coming from but I felt a strong feeling that I had to save and protect James.

“What are you cooking there?” I asked as I peeked into the cauldron.
“It's a brew infused with herbs, flowers and other spices. These herbs and spices will help to detox of all the toxins your body has accumulated so far.” He replied.
“I have toxins?” I was asked, slightly worried at that fact.
“Most of the foods you consume on earth have preservatives, hormones and other chemicals that are very damaging to your physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual health.” He elaborated as he added a few petals into the tea.
“Oh… darn my cravings for unhealthy foods…” I pouted.

“Y/n, dear, the water is ready.” Mary called out from behind.
I wondered as I followed her.
Mary led me through the lavishly overgrown plants. Gently, I pushed away the greeneries as I followed her steps, almost feeling like I was traversing through a jungle.
Finally, as I pushed the last plant away it revealed a beautiful pool.
As I stepped away from the plants I marveled at the beauty of the new surrounding, although we were still in the greenhouse it felt like I had entered into another world.
This pool was huge and artistically structured. There were little waterfall cascades at different corners of the pool and a big white statue of a lady dressed in loose clothing pouring a jug of water into the pool. The majestic view along with the wonderful sound of running water, celtic music and birds chirping around created such a magical and soothing environment. I already felt at peace just after a few seconds of standing here.

“Wow..” I said as I peaked into the pool. The water was so clear that it almost looked like it was glowing this beautiful shade of turquoise.
“Soaking in this water will help to clear your energy, y/n. You can go ahead and remove your clothing and step in. It’s the perfect temperature.” Mary instructed as she mixed something in a bowl.
“…All of my clothing?” I hesitated.
“It’s only us girls, no need to be shy.” She smiled kindly.
I blushed, still feeling uncomfortable but I noticed even though Mary said those words she turned her back to me as she continued mixing.
As quick as my hand will allow I stripped down and entered the water.
And she was right it was the perfect temperature, it was so soothing that it felt like a warm hug. I could feel the warm and tingling sensations against my skin. The feeling was so cozy that unknowingly I nodded off after only a few minutes.

“Y/n.” Someone whispered.
I opened my eyes again to see Mary sitting at the edge next to me.
“It’s ok, you can go back to sleep. I’m just letting you know that I’m applying these minerals to your face. Go back to sleep.” She whispered kindly.
I nodded and rested my head back.
Mary went ahead and started massaging and applying some kind of scrub that smelled like honey but at that point I really fell asleep.

30 minutes later

As I woke up I slowly became conscious of where I was. I was now wearing a towel robe and I was laying on this circular platform that seemed to be made out of some sort of crystal and little candles were placed in a strategic circle formation around me on the platform.
And all around me were tiny other crystals floating in the air in some kind of specific geometric formation and all pointing towards me.
Suddenly, this light shone down on me, I glanced upwards to a see an authentic glass roof exhibiting a perfect full moon, the rays of the moon shone directly down on me and reflected off of all the crystals, making them sparkle brilliantly.
I didn’t understand what was happening but I could feel the energy pulsating from these crystals and it was no joke. Even my body started vibrating as I felt the energy surge through me, it was so strong that my head started hurting.
“y/n. You can go back to resting, dear. It will help to dampen the headache.” A voice called out.
The voice sounded like Mary but I couldn’t see her in my peripherals but the headache became so unbearable that I simply laid back on the platform and the faint sound harp music in background helped me straight into slumber again.

2 Hours later.

“How are you feeling, dear?” Mary asked as soon as my eyes reopened.
“Like I slept for years.” I answered.
“It can feel like that.” Mary chuckled.
I was now resting on a comfortable little sofa. Mary was at her cauldron, pouring the liquid into a mug. She then approached me and handed me the mug.
“Now, I have to warn you this tea can be quite pungent, you can hold your nose if you need to.” She smiled.
And she was not kidding, judging from the smell I could tell this was going to be strong. I took her advice and pinched my nose as I downed the green liquid. I immediately coughed after my last gulped, I may not have tasted much as it went down but the bitter taste stayed in my mouth.
Mary quickly handed me a glass of water.
“Thank you.” I thanked after chugging down the water.
“…That…really is strong…” I exhaled.
Mary chuckled and nodded.

Afterwards, we went through other different types of rituals; fire rituals, earth rituals and another water ritual. And indeed it was a very long process it took at least 10 hours. Although, I felt exhausted, part of me felt lighter… like a burden was lifted and I could feel something had shifted within me but I couldn’t exactly understand what had changed.

“This is the last stage?” I asked.
“Yes. It’s finally over but after this process you will feel very exhausted and it will cause you to sleep for quite a long time.” Mary said.
I nodded.
Mary explained that the last step was her transferring energy to me through physical touch. The energy surged from above and through her body and this would be transferred to me through her body.
Because she was powerful enough she was able to transfer this huge amount of energy to another. It was something only very powerful sorcerers could do and it was a big responsibility for sure.

She placed both of her hands around my head and forehead and started chanting something and once against my head started pulsating but this time a strong electrical energy surge from my lower back making me jerk involuntarily. This occurred a few times as she continued and this went on for at least one hour and when she finished as she said I instantly felt completely drained and I fell asleep on the couch.

18 hours later

After waking up, my body went through multiple issues, physical pains, aches, colds, fevers as well as emotional issues such as sudden burst of emotional crying, rage and depression. Mary ensured me this was the result of the healing process, all the emotions I didn’t need was exiting the body so this was the purging process. Again, this occurred for another few hours.

The next day.

“How are you feeling today, y/n?” Lila asked as she joined us in the greenhouse.
“A lot better actually. I feel refreshed.” I smiled.
“That’s great news!” Lila expressed.
“Are the items ready, Lila?” Mary asked.
“Oh yes! And I think y/n is going to love them!” Lila said excitedly.
I glanced at both of them confused.
“Come with me, y/n.” Lila said brightly.

“What’s happening?” I asked as I followed her into one of the many rooms in the mansion.
“You’re going to need new attires now that you're a sorcerer.” She hinted with a smiled.
“Oh, am I going to get one of those cool sorcerer outfits too?” I asked excitedly.
“Yes but this is one is a little unique, I created it specifically for you!” Lila said.
“Here, put these on and I'll get the accessories and do your makeup and hair afterwards.” Lila said as she handed me the clothes.

After putting on the clothes I gazed at my reflection in the mirror. She gave me this almost glowing turquoise, off the shoulder dress with long loose sleeves that ran down straight to the ground. It flowed and glistened as I moved around, Lila placed these sparkly beads specifically on the dress making the dress appear heavenly, it appeared like stars shining in the turquoise sky.

“Yes! I knew it would be perfect!” Lila shrieked as she re-entered the room.
She did my hair in a half up-do and attached pretty crystal beaded accessory to my hair and afterwards she did my makeup, which was light and gave me an innocent look.
“And now for the most important part.” Lila smiled as she approached me with a magnificent looking turquoise crown.
I gazed into the mirror as she carefully placed it on my head.
“Perfect!” Lila gleamed.
All together I look like I transformed into this magical being, it had this ethereal, mermaidesque beauty. Even my hand was decorated with elegant henna patterns, and I was embellished with multiple types of crystals and beads; from bracelets to necklaces to ankle bracelets.
“All I need now is a fish tale and I'd be a mermaid.” I smiled.
Lila giggled.

“You’ll do great y/n, I believe in you.” Lila encouraged.
“Thank you. I don’t know if I feel any different from before but my desire to help James is bigger than my fears and doubts so I’ll do the best I can….” I said.
“I am certain you’ll know exactly what needs to be done, your intuition is part of your magic, trusting in your abilities makes your powers stronger. When I was younger I doubted my abilities a lot but as I started to trust in myself, my magic improved drastically.” Lila said.
“Trusting in myself…” I repeated to myself as I tried to incorporate this as a mantra in my head.

A while Later

I took a sharp inhale as Mary and I finally arrived outside James’s study.
“I will be here behind you if you need extra protection but I feel you will do fine. When we step into the room, it will feel like this other side of you will take over, it’s ok, don’t panic, that’s your instinct taking over. Stay calm and trust in that side of yourself.” Mary explained before opening the door.
And she was right as I stepped into James’ study, this odd sensation took over me, I felt this strength and confidence I never felt before, it was a subtle type of feeling but I felt almost fearless.
As I felt these feelings my whole body started emitting this blue, almost indigo colour.
I guessed it was my aura, Mary told me about this, the colour of people’s aura depended on their strength and because I was more into healing and nursing others, my aura would this complex shade of blue, calming yet filled with resilience and wisdom.
As soon as I became acclimated to the state I was in, I searched around James’s study.

The whole room was a mess. Books were thrown into all corners of the room; some on the floor, table, stairs whilst others were still in the process of being magically and violently thrown across the room. The atmosphere overall was cold, dark and very ominous, I could even see the dark energies that circulated the room.
Thomas and Michael were at different ends of the rooms trying to calm the madness. Using their powers they tried to not only stop the books from attacking them with one hand but their other hands were directing this white light into the same direction.

I followed the direction they pointed their white light to to the person I so desperately missed. I faintly made him out as he was on the second floor. He was crouched down in the corner of the room completely engulfed in this black aura and flames that seemed chaotic and frightening.
As my eyes landed on him, I instantly felt a sharp pain in my heart, so painful that it nearly pulled me down to my knees. As I was tried to bare this excruciating pain several books rapidly flew into my direction but luckily, Mary magically transformed the books into little butterflies just before they were about to hit me.

I didn’t know how I knew this but I felt like the pain I was feeling right now was what James was experiencing in his corner there.
Mary educated me a bit more on empaths being able to feel what others feel but more so with soul mates because we are strongly connected. I could feel how he was in so much pain right now.
“Are you alright, dear?” Mary asked.
“I’m okay.” I replied as I tried to stand up again.
Although, the pain was excruciating I continued my way carefully towards him and everyone helped by clearing the way and protecting me from the books and other dangers that came flying my way.
“Be careful, y/n.” Michael warned.
I nodded and proceeded up the stairs and into James’ direction. The closer I got to him the sadder I became, tears streaming down my face but somehow I stayed strong and continued till I reached the deep, suffocating fog and black flames that surrounded him.

The black flame were violent and on guard, ready to fight and attack as I came closer, thankfully Michael and Thomas protected me from the incoming flames. I knew I couldn’t combat the fire but I had to find a way to reach James. He still sat on the ground, his head down and it seemed like he was shaking.
I tried shouting his name out loud a few times but it’s like he couldn’t hear me, the dark fog around him almost seemed like it was keeping him prisoner in his own sadness and despair.
I still no idea how to proceed but the sudden thought came to me, although I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, I gave it a shot.

I communicated to him telepathically.
After I thought this, he slightly nudged for a second and even stopped shaking.
James. Can you hear me? It’s me y/n.
I thought to him again.
Finally, he slowly started to lift his head up and searched around. His eyes seemed dazed and lifeless.
Here, James. I’m here!
I thought as I waved my hand to get his attention.
I gained his attention but as soon as our eyes met, his eyes widened and as they did I felt another sharp pain in my heart, more painful than the last. And all of the sudden, the flames around James flared up even more. Violently, the flames thrashed around, seeming like this erratic armour, fully intended to destroy anyone who came too close to James.

Michael quickly pulled me away as the flames fought back in our direction.
As Michael protected me with a shield of white light, Thomas continued to direct his light directly at James.

I tried to make out James’ expression but the black fog became thicker but for a split second I made out his face. His face was still stunned but also filled with a deepened sorrow. Tears seeped out of my eyes as I felt the pain he was in.
Talk to me. James
I thought as Thomas and Michael combated with the flames.
“I’ll only hurt you…” He finally answered, telepathically.
I breathed a sigh of relief after finally hearing his voice, that deep, calming voice that I missed dearly.
That’s not true! I don’t believe that for one second…
I replied.
“You don’t know anything about me…” He retorted.
I mean he wasn’t wrong, we didn’t know each other that deeply but that wasn’t the point here.
That may be true. But like you said I feel things because I’m an empath and I know you are trying to push me away because of your hurt and fears. Please don’t do that. Your pain is my pain and I will protect you like you protect me. Even if I have to fight these flames myself I will, I promise you I will get to you. You have to talk and let me in or else I will run through this fire myself!
I threatened.
There was no response from him.
James! I’m serious!
I added and I began to approach him again.
There was another pause but soon after he finally replied.
“I’m a bad person…All I do is disappoint and hurt others... I’m not worth anything good…especially you.”

I had a feeling this was linked to the trauma from his past especially as he clearly hadn’t dealt with these feelings.
That’s not true! You deserve the best. You are the kindest, most dedicated and hard working person I have ever met, you sacrificed you own happiness for others… trust me I may not have known you for that long but I see it all. We all make mistakes, it’s not the mistakes that define us, it’s how we move on from these mistakes. You worked hard to help others and not only I will back you up but also all the people that you helped know the truth about you and your kind heart. Lila told me the people you helped even tried to help you find a cure when you were invisible, all these people’s lives changed thanks to you and they are here for you, ready to repay you for your good deeds. Now, please let us help you for a change. And I honestly thought I wasn’t worthy to have you in my life either but that’s just our insecurities, I know I am happy and grateful to have you in my life, don’t ever say you are not worthy... We’re soul mates, right?

Again there was no response but the black flames Michael and Thomas were battling against suddenly subsided completely.
Like the sun coming out after a stormy weather, the dark fog dispersed away, revealing James crying into his hands in the corner. My heart throbbed with pain but my eyes filled with tears of relief, my legs gave way and I fell to my knees finally able to breath properly.
Michael asked.
“Are you alright, y/n?”
“I’m ok but I think we should give James some time to himself.” I said.
“Well done, y/n.” Michael smiled.
And I received a thumbs up from Thomas and Mary who were down on the ground.

After a little chat with Mary, Thomas and Michael and checking that there wasn’t anymore danger, everyone left the room knowing James was in good hands.
The room was a complete mess; most of the books were thrown off of the shelves. But, the room was quiet, almost peaceful, even with James’ soft sobbing sounds. It felt more of a healing than painful cry, even I released a breath of relief as I sat on the floor, surveying and waiting for James. He needed a good cry, even I felt like I needed a good cry right now and I did.
As tears streamed down our faces, the rays of sun appeared from the glass ceiling. It basked down on us with its healing light, the warm light against our skin really felt like a new dawn was upon us both.
Both of us lifted our heads up towards the magnificent light. There was something very special about this moment that I couldn’t exactly explain.

15 minutes later

James had calmed down and finally spotted me also crouched down on the floor at the other end of the room.
For some reason both of us sat there, staring at each other but it wasn’t like our previous intense eye contact. This time it was very serene and almost innocent, like we were seeing each other for the first time.
Even after going through so much he still appeared amazing, his eyes were sunken and tired; his hair all sorts of messy; his clothes half ripped and opened and even the way he sat on the floor was very attractive, nevertheless he never failed to appear sexy to me.

I smiled slightly as I thought to him from my corner.
Hi, handsome.
The corner of his mouth lifted into a slight smirk.
“Hello, beautiful”. He replied telepathically in his deep voice.
I blushed and smiled as I stared at him.
“Why are you so far away?” He asked from the distance.
Oh I don’t know maybe because I don’t want to burn to death by your black fire?
I joked.
“I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if I had hurt you. I’m so sorry, y/n.” He replied seriously.
Come on, now I’m kidding. I’m just sitting here to give you space and honestly I’m exhausted…even though I didn’t do much.
I chuckled.
He smiled slightly.
“You’re not angry with me?” He asked.
Why would I be?
I asked back.
There was another pause as he stared down.

Would you like to tell me about what happened?
I asked carefully.
“Yes…but not right now…I’m exhausted...” He replied.
That’s understandable. You’ve been in that state for days without sleep.
I replied.
“But you saved me…again.” He smiled.
From now on call me All mighty Saviour y/n!
I joked.
He chuckled.

“You look beautiful. Every time I see you, you take my breath away.”
He smiled sincerely.
Why are you being sweet all of the sudden?”
I blushed uncomfortably, slightly caught off guard by the comment.
“Come closer.” He smiled.
I’m too tired to move. You come to me.
I smiled cutely.
“I have a better idea.” He said before gesturing his fingers to lift me off of the ground.
I gasped as I was suddenly lifted into the air. With another swift motion of his fingers, he levitated me into his direction and gently rested me back down right in front of him.
“Hi, sweetheart.” He smiled.
“Did I not say to warn me before lifting my body into the air?” I scolded.
“But then I won’t see the adorable surprised expression you make.” He said playfully.
“That’s no way to treat your All mighty Saviour. Look I have the jewels and outfit and everything.” I chuckled.
“That’s first thing I noticed. I knew you’d look amazing with your sorcerer attire, I fantasized about it enough times, but as usual you exceed all my expectations.” He smiled.
I blushed.

“So you knew about me having powers and…the soul mate thing..?” I hesitated.
“I did.” He replied.
“But why didn't you say anything?” I asked.
“Well seeing that you ran away at the thought of marrying me, telling you that you were my soul mate didn’t seem like the best idea.” He smiled.
“That’s completely different, back then I didn’t even know who I was marrying and I knew nothing about you.” I retorted.
“Will you marry me now?” He asked directly with that attractive smile.
That question caught me even more off guard, I even stuttered not knowing how to answer.
“ You’re teasing me again, aren’t you?” I asked with a suspicious gaze.
“Sweetheart, I do enjoy teasing you but you should know by now how serious I am about being with you. From the first time we met till this day I’m still waiting for your response.” He smiled.
“…No pressure…” I told myself as I blushed awkwardly.
“Does the thought of marrying me still frighten you?” He asked.
“No but literally a few minutes ago you said I knew nothing about you and you were right there’s still so much we don’t know about each other.” I replied.
“Now I regret saying that…” He regretted.
“You made a valid point though.” I replied.

“Anyways, I thought I’d be using powers to rescue you… I imagined this intense battle in my head but in the end I didn’t even do much.” I chuckled.
“I told you, you don’t need to do anything, just you being near me is the most healing thing to me.” He said.
I smiled.
“I’m sure you’re exhausted I’ll take you to your bedroom.” I smiled brightly.
“Oh! I learned how to use this!” I said excitedly as I took out the little teleportation box out of my pocket.
He smiled.
“Ready?” I asked as he placed his hands over the box in my hand.
“Yes. All mighty saviour y/n.” He smiled and I laughed.

I successfully teleported us back to his room.
“You must be exhausted as well. Come join me.” James offered as he climbed onto his bed.
“Another chance to sleep and be lazy? Yes, please.” I giggled and joined him under the covers.

I slept for only 4 hours, whereas James remained asleep which was understandable since he was so sleep deprived.
Quietly, I left the room and made my way downstairs to inform the family about James’ condition and we spoke of the next steps to take. And, as I still had time I visited his study where the housekeepers were using their magic to fix and restore James’ study back to its original state.
I decided to borrow a few books to read to kill time and to help me develop my skills and magic. I knew whatever war this was, that it was nowhere over yet.

Chapter 15 - Part 2

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