Okay so I am kind of into makeup, before I didn't like makeup at all but this time around I like to experiment into what types of products I can use to help me out a lil with my personal preferences and im not saying you have to do this, this is what just works for me atm but I am planning to change my routine in the future a little bit.

Before I go all in I wash my face because I don't want to dirt of my skin to go onto the makeup products or brushes so I ALWAYS wash my face first, and I am also going to be doing a skincare routine!

Now after I wash my face I put on my type of moisturizer and its the neutrogena hydro boost gel cream to get my face all moisturized and ready,

Next I put on my favorite foundation and it is the bare minerals bare bro foundation in a light color (not sure which) and I got mine at ulta for a sorta cheap price.
lemme just inform you at the moment I don't put on concealer, I basically use my foundation as a concealer since the concealer I had before really dried out my skin, which made it flaky and obvious that I had some type of makeup on, but Im still trying to find a good concealer for my skin.

Okay so after I blend my foundation onto my skin with a beauty blender I move onto my brows. I use benefit gimme brow gel first and just wait a few seconds for it to kind of dry. Next I shape my brows how I want them to be using my maybeline brow precise and since my brows aren't really thick I kind of fill in my brows aswell and blend them in with the brush on the other side.

Moving onto cheeks all I use is the glossier cloud paint in the color puff and I just use the tinest bit since it is VERY pigmented and a little goes a long way.

I don't really use highlighter and sometimes I will depending if im going to go out but if I do I will put some on my nose and the a little on the top of my top upper lip and rarely by my cheeks.

THATS IT! thats my natural makeup routine hope y'all enjoyed. make sure to check out my other articles: