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Today I'm making BuzzFeed Quizzes about Harry Potter (yes, I'm a fan 🤓) and decided to write the second article with the results.

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1. Everyone Is A Combination Of A Kid From “Stranger Things,” And A Kid From “Harry Potter,” — Which Are You ?

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Max And Ron Weasley : You're spunky, outspoken, and loyal as hell. You don't let anyone mess with you or your friends! You're naturally funny, which is part of what attracts a lot of friends into your life. However, trust is huge for you, which is why you only have a close circle of best friends. You're very smart when you apply yourself and aren't distracted, and you know how to bring the good time to any situation!

2. Answer Some "Harry Potter" Questions To Find Out Which Spell You Are

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Expelliarmus : You're one of a kind — beloved by wizards everywhere!

3. Is Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Or Draco Malfoy Your Boyfriend?

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You and Neville were walking through the hallway, he tripped and you caught him. He looked up at you and said, "Th-thanks!" Surprisingly that small but sweet moment sparked an adorable relationship that'll surely last a lifetime .

4. We Only Need Four Questions To Discover Which Member Of The Golden Trio From "Harry Potter" You Are

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You're just like Hermione! You might be the smartest person alive, in addition to being a well-rounded, caring and confident individual. You're the perfect person that others wish they could be. Congrats!

5. If You Lived In The Wizarding World What Would Your Name Be?

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Theophilus or Lusidia Crescent

6. Answer These "Harry Potter" Questions And We'll Reveal Which Ollivander Wand Belongs To You

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Spruce, Phoenix feather, stiff, 11 inches. Having a Phoenix feather in your wand is very special, so use this carefully!

7. It's Time To Find Out If You're A Death Eater Or A Member Of The Order Of The Phoenix

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Member of the Order of the Phoenix! Congrats, you're a a member of the Order of the Phoenix! Dumbledore picked you himself to join the Order, and that sure says a lot about who you are. Members of the Order are very gifted, loyal, and brave, and know how to save the day in a civilized way.

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