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how did you first discover billie eilish?
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my boy came on a playlist I was listening to, I fell in love so checked out her other stuff :)
how long have you been a fan of billie?
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Since September 2017! I've been around for awhile haha
what is one thing about billie you love?
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Well I love everything about Billie. BUT, it's got to be her smile. Her smile is everything I-
what song by billie do you relate to most & why?
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Listen before I go. I relate to the lyrics and the meaning behind it. If you're unsure then I recommend looking it up as it is a tad too deep for me to explain rn
do you own any billie merch if so what, if not what do you want?
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none :( I'm like poor poor so haven't managed to cop anything. But my birthday is coming up so hopefully I can get something. I don't mind what either, all her merch is great.
which album of billie's is your favourite?
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If I have to choose, I would have to say Don't smile at me. It's so nostalgic to me now. I love both so much but the ep has a special place in my heart
what do you think is billie's most underrated song?
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ILOMILO. Everybody sleeps on this bop.
what song by billie do you not like that much?
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bad guy... I'M SORRY. Too me it's overrated. Yes it slaps and I'm so proud of how well it's done but she has better songs.
do you own a billie fanpage?
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Not specifically. I have a twitter account where I talk about Bil and Finneas sometimes.. arizonapeach if u would like to follow ;)
have you ever met billie or went to her concert?
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NO :( My friend and I tried to cop tickets for March but they sold out instantly. And the Leeds Festival sold out quick too so no. Hopefully in the future though.

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