here are some of my favourite songs that have been played on the show stranger things :)

every breath you take - the police

eleven, sadie sink, and millie bobby brown image shoes, vintage, and aesthetic image

should i stay or should i go - the clash

aesthetic, upside down, and aes image school and aesthetic image

girls on film - duran duran

stranger things, steve harrington, and quotes image adidas, shoes, and jeans image

africa - toto

stranger things, couple, and nancy wheeler image stranger things image

heros - peter gabriel

stranger things, alexei, and netflix image vintage, aesthetic, and retro image

material girl - madonna

aesthetic, robin, and theme image record, aesthetic, and vintage image

she's got you - pasty cline

stranger things, hopper, and netflix image stranger things, aesthetic, and waffles image

R.O.C.K in the U.S.A. - john mellencamp

Image removed car, vintage, and retro image

wake me up before you go-go -wham!

80s, aesthetic, and aesthetics image love, couple, and train image

workin' for a livin' - huey lewis & the news

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

we'll meet again - vera lynn

billy and stranger things image stranger things, barb, and netflix image :(, aesthetic, and filter image alexei and stranger things image sean astin, stranger things, and bob newby image Temporarily removed

neutron dance - the pointer sisters

caleb mclaughlin and stranger things image aesthetic, retro, and vintage image

baba o'riley - the who

stranger things, boy, and dacre montgomery image Image removed

never ending story - gaten matarazzo

st3 and stranger things image 80s, 90s, and cool image


roddy - djo

steve harrington, stranger things, and joe keery image yellow, aesthetic, and clothes image
this is a song by the actor of steve harrington - joe keery :)

cell - calpurnia

Image removed retro, bathroom, and 80s image
this band includes the actor of mike wheeler - finn wolfhard :)