Looking at a tall blonde standing across from you, you get possessed by the wish to get to know her, yet, you're hesitant, you stay in your place and later on beat yourself up about it.
If you've ever been in this situation welcome to the article my poor unfortunate soul, I was you just a while ago, and now I'm here to grant you an unforgettable summer no voice deposit needed (hope you get the reference to little mermaid, * cough, cough * poor unfortunate souls * cough, cough * summer, sea, voice)
This article might not only work for friendships but also relationships
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Here's the deal, I am finally back from my vacation (sorry again for no uploads), back to my usual schedule, and back with tons of lessons to share, that I learned in hard and not so hard ways.
This summer I set a goal to become more social and make friends, at first I thought I had failed as my plans to attend a summer camp did not work out. Though I did go on a vacation and met tons of new people including my new best friend.
Throughout this article I will tell the two most important lessons I learned this summer about making friendships and relationships on vacation.
Angel In Purgatory
Angel In Purgatory
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Lesson #1: Put yourself out there.
If you don't put yourself in a situation where it is possible to meet new people and strike up a conversation, you will have a hard time making friendships. Fairly obvious I know, but how often do you pass up on simple opportunities like going to the afternoon party at your hotel, or evening event, or a group water volleyball game, or going to the gym?
You need to put yourself in a place where it is normal to strike up a conversation with people.
One day while swimming I noticed a girl who I immediately waited to be friends with, she seemed to be swimming alone and was also reading a book, there was just something that drew me to her, yet I felt way too shy to approach her. I also did not know the right time. I guessed just walking up to her while she was sunbathing with her headphones was not the best option. Though when the guests decided to play water volleyball she was among them, I jumped at the opportunity and put myself on the same team as her.
We talked while we played and hung out after the game was over.
Angel In Purgatory
Angel In Purgatory
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Another tip that I have is to do small favors, like hold a door for your potential friend or hand her the plate in the cafeteria. That way they will know you are nice and friendly, you could then proceed to start a conversation with a compliment or maybe a comment about a situation you're both experiencing, like that long-ass line for pancakes.
Moral of the story is you need to put yourself in situations where you can make friends, I really regretted not having joined the volleyball game before, as a guy I laid my eyes on was also playing the previous day and that could have been a great opportunity, yet I was too shy. SO PEOPLE GET YOURSELF IN A SITUATION WHERE IT'S NATURAL TO MINGLE. Get out there, don't just sit in your hotel room or superglue yourself to your pool bench, that's not how you make friends.
Last year I actually met my summer BF in the hotel gym, and we bonded over working out.
Heres the story if you wanna read it:
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Lesson #2: People Want You To Approach Them
The secret has been revealed!
I know it's hard to believe but this is the truth. You want to make forends, you want people to talk to you, how are others any different? and most of the time people really want to approach you but are just as hesitant as you are to approach them.
While on a sightseeing trip I laid my eyes on a girl in our tour group who was the same age as me. Over the course of the day, I was trying to talk myself into approaching her and talk myself out of it at the same time. Finally, I gathered the guts to go up to her and say hi. As we began talking the girl told me that she actually has been looking at me the whole day and really wanted to come to talk to me, but she was too scared to do it. I was shocked. Yet, that's the truth, so if you wonder what if they really don't wanna talk to me, or what if they don't like me, just remember that other people wish you'd approach them just as much as you wish they'd approach you. So be brave and go ahead, and if in some weird case scenario they actually reject you (which is really rare if you follow the two principles of this article) that's the worst that can happen, and so is that so bad? you can say you at least tried and move on, instead of regretting it after your vacation is over and wondering what if.
Angel In Purgatory
Angel In Purgatory
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My vacation was unforgettable thanks to all the great friends I made. I met so many fascinating people, I am best friends with the champion in Karate of Russia. We went crazy and had so much fun. All of that wouldn't have been possible if I hadn't faced my fear and taken action, hope this article inspires you to do the same.
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Okay, guys, this is all, I am aware that this article is a little short and very "tell" instead of "show" but it is late at night and I am half asleep, but I really wanted to post an article for you guys. Thank you for reading and messaging me your opinions it means the world to me. XOXO.
- So (lo)n(g) and go(o)d night -Angelinp(u)rga(t)ory