five ways to win your heart


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i myself am a very attentive person, sometimes people will tell me extremely random things that i remember months later when they already forgot they even told me about that a day after we spoke. i feel like i never really forget anything anyone tells me. i don't justmean attentiveness when it comes to words, but in general.


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happiness / being funny and all that is very important to me, also when it comes to friends. for a long time i was friends with someone who was always so negative and loves to spread a bad mood and honestly, it is SO refreshing to now hang out with people who are happy because that makes ME happy. you should seriously get rid of people that drag you down, make you feel bad in ANY way (and if it's "just" your mood). and also: being negative all the time ain't cool people.

i love laughing and having a great time, so a good sense of humour and happiness in general are very attracting to me.


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what really attracts me in a person is kindness. i could never even have a crush on someone when i know they're a douchebag. small acts of kindness never fail to make my day and people with a good heart are so attractive.


these are only three but i've been wrecking my brain for about half an hour now and i can't think about two more things, i think these are probably the most important ones to me.

remskissy xx