hey you , i hope you are well :))

i`m here to tell you something that you might need to hear , and i hope it helps you to feel better about yourself .

so , a lot of times our minds are busy thinking of where we wanna be and what we should do or become . and that`s something we picked up from the ( grown ups ). ever since we were young people would ask us ; what do you wanna be when you grow up ? and that`s pretty cool and all but the repetition of it made us always think of what we would be and not what we are .. which is frustrating . because if you don`t know what you are you`ll never be .

and that leads me to my point of this article , learn to appreciate where you are in your life now. forget about tomorrow because what will happen will happen . just focus on NOW and be thankful to what, and how far you have become .

let`s say you spent most of your day playing video games , but during that you kept thinking of how useless you are and that your day isn`t as productive as it "should " be . what do you think will happen the next day you wake up ? my guess is that you will feel guilty about yesterday and will probably do nothing that morning too . so what you should do then ? well , first fix that thinking pattern . and maybe think of something like " i spent most of my time yesterday playing video games ! how lucky am i to be able to spend all my day having fun !). will you keep thinking of that game afterwards ? i don`t think so .

this way of thinking should help you be guilty free when you do what you feel like doing !. and that`s how life should be .

thank you for reading this .
have a nice day .