Hey guys,

so I'm finally done with my exams and ready for my summer holidays. There is so much free time, which I'm not used to during my semester, so I often don't know, what to do in my free time. If you know the struggle, then I have some tips, how to spend your time.

At home

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One of my favorite things to do in the summertime is to read books on my balcony. I like to spend the whole day reading and diving into the story.
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Another possibility to dive into a story is to watch series. During your free time, you have enough time to go through several seasons.
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If you want to feel productive, then clean or tidy up your space. Declutter your wardrobe or move your furniture.
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We all love food, so why don't we try out some new recipes. If you're looking for something new, go check out Pinterest or youtube for example.
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Another thing, that's definitely on my bucket list for summer, is a home movie outside.


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Try out some new activities like hiking or going on a canoe trip. There are so many things offered, so broaden your horizon.
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It isn't an activity especially for the summertime, but it's always a good idea. Go meet your friends and spend some quality time with them. No matter if you make a barbecue, go swimming or meet for ice cream. Enjoy the summertime with people, you like to surround yourself with.

So I hope you got some inspiration on what to do during the summertime.

Yours Someya