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♥ Twice

Bias Chaeyoung

twice, chaeyoung, and kpop image Image removed

Bias Wrecker Jiyho and Sana

twice, jihyo, and kpop image icon, icons, and preview image

♥ Blackpink

Bias Jennie

blackpink, jennie, and jennie kim image jennie, blackpink, and kpop image

Bias Wrecker Jisoo

blackpink, jisoo, and kpop image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

♥ Mamamoo

Bias Wheein

kpop, mamamoo, and wheein image gleam, music video, and mamamoo image

Bias Wrecker Solar

gleam, kpop, and solar image solar, mamamoo, and kim yongsun image

♥ Red Velvet

Bias Joy

Image removed Image removed

Bias Wrecker Yeri

red velvet, yeri, and kpop image Image removed

♥ 2ne1

Bias Bom

2ne1, park bom, and bommie image 2ne1, asian, and girls image

Bias Wrecker Cl

CL, 2ne1, and hello bitches image CL image

♥ Itzy

Bias Yuna

aesthetic, aesthetics, and edit image itzy, yuna, and kpop image

Bias Wrecker Yeji

Temporarily removed icon image

♥ (G)I-DLE

Bias Soojin

gidle, soojin, and kpop image Image by Loup

Bias Wrecker Yuqi

jeon soyeon, cho miyeon, and gidle image Image removed


Bias Yeeun

cube, gg, and kpop image yeeun and clc image

Bias Wrecker Eunbin

kpop, clc, and eunbin image kpop, clc, and eunbin image

♥ Loona

Bias Chuu

Image by Leonela Mansilla chuu, loona, and kpop image

Bias Wrecker Vivi

kpop, kpop girl, and viví image Image removed

♥ Exid

Bias Solji

kpop, exid, and solji image le, hyerin, and exid image

Bias Wrecker Hani

dress, fashion, and girls image Image by ;e c l i p s e


Bias Sunny

snsd, girls' generation, and sunny snsd image snsd, Sunny, and oh!gg image

Bias Wrecker Hyoyeon

girls generation, snsd, and hyoyeon image Image by Loup

♥ Weki Meki

Bias Yoojung

Image removed girl, k-pop, and kpop image

Bias Wrecker Doyeon

Image removed edit, icon, and kpop image

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