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we are all currently - at least if you live on the northern hemisphere - in the middle of the red hot summer of 2019. and although we are in the middle of summer, it is over sooner than you think. and with that magical season coming to an end, we are putting our summer clothes away and wear our more cozy clothes. and to be sure that you have just the right clothes for the colder seasons, here are a few hot things for fall/winter 2019/2020.

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by @dehpression

1. fancy feathers

dress, photoshoot, and pink image zendaya and dress image dress, pink, and fashion image shoes, pink, and heels image makeup image fashion, pink, and model image
seen: yves saint laurent, elie saab, valentino, oscar de la renta

feathers are so hot right now. a perfect example were kendall and kylie jenner's met gala looks earlier this year.

Image by 🦋

2. cool in leather

fashion, outfit, and grunge image fashion, boots, and black image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed chanel, fashion, and black image leather, top, and fashion image red, boots, and aesthetic image Image removed
seen: alexa chung, burberry, christopher kane, prada, christian dior, balmain, alexander mcqueen

if you are not in for the feathers, wear leather, that is always a safe card for halloween season. wether it's leather jackets, boots, skirts, a bag or belt - you can do nothing wrong. (it doesn't have to be black!!!)

glam, outfit, and Pamela Anderson image
check out pamela anderson's 90s leather outfit

3. slack suits

grey blazer, look, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image blue, sauce, and style image fashion, white, and outfit image Temporarily removed fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image
seen: tom ford, kate spade, jamie wei huang, chanel, louis vuitton, marc jacobs, sil sander, fendi

combine with turtlenecks and boots and you are good to go.

kylie jenner, kylie, and beauty image
kylie jenner's cool twist on this classic suit

4. hair pins

accessories, jewelry, and pearls image blonde, earrings, and hair image Temporarily removed green, hair, and archive image

these hair pins are so chic.

hair pins, lashes, and make up image
simple hair pins also do the job.

5. silk & satin

long skirt, top, and satin image aesthetic, blouse, and fashion image aesthetic, fashion, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, silk, and model image aesthetic, creme, and glasses image
seen: versace, off-white, brandon maxwell

tip: a super fancy color for f/w 19/20 is purple - lilac, lavender or orchid - everything works and will look amazing!

dress, blue, and 90s image
example: naomi campbell for vesace, 2000. (@emilyisgood) versace brought back their 90s silk/satin dresses and updated them with neon colors.

6. small bags

Image removed bag, blue, and fashion image aesthetic, apparel, and style image fashion, style, and jacquemus image
seen: jacquemus, fendi, chloé, salvatore ferragamo

this is the next big bag trend.

7. long coats

goal goals life, inspi inspiration, and ootd tenue love image long jacket, trench jacket, and tan jacket image goal goals life, sac bag bags, and inspi inspiration image Alexander McQueen, shoes sneakers, and goal goals life image
seen: chanel, jil sander

the longer the better. and they don't have to be a brown, beige or black - colorful checks are fun.

stay chic!

actress, blow a kiss, and marilyn image


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