A true unbiased incosistent queen. This is the most hilarios and savage booktuber. Sadly she deleted two of her most iconic videos. Nonetheless, we love her.

Caleb is too precious and innocent for this world. His content is funny and orginal and he definitely deserves recognition.

@Bretman Rock
We stan an unproblematic king. Bretman is one of the few beauty gurus in the beauty community that is not toxic.

@jerm bot
Jeremy is hilarious. Go watch his videos. I love how Jeremy unashamedly drags my zodiac sign. The boy is telling no lies.

@Cody Ko and @ Noel Miller
Cody and Noel are the definition of bromance. The comedic duo that we don't deserve, but need right now.

@Benito Skinner
I haven't seen more accurate video representation of my zodiac sign. This guy's videos are comedic gold.

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