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Grey, or gray.
Some say that grey is not a colour, that it is just a shade of black, an achromatic colour.

achromatic /ˌakrə(ʊ)ˈmatɪk/
from the greek ἀ- (a-, “alpha privative”) + χρῶμα (colour)
literally: without colour.

Grey is a colour, yet it is not. Grey is a shade of black, or a shade of white, yet it is not. Grey is not a colour, grey is a feeling.

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Grey is sitting next to the ashes of a fireplace that once was lit, but that now only makes the cold wind enter a dilapidated house. Grey is that wind, blowing through the clouds, dancing around the pedestrians who look anxiously look at the rain-promising sky. Grey is the clouds in that sky, heavy with transparent water, which, as the desaturated people open dark, black umbrellas, falls in droplets. Those drops break on the sad asphalt, on the sidewalks, overgrown with green weeds. Grey is that sidewalk, the cement that is trampled by the lost souls of the city, that darkens once the water soaks it.

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Grey is the people, the lost souls of the city, who go back to their homes, monotone souls who light up when they meet other monotone souls. Grey is the path they have to take every day to come back from work, to meet who makes them less monotone. But grey is not monotone, or at least it is not only monotone. Grey is poetic, too. Grey is the poems composed by those lost souls, grey is the poems created during the souls' interactions.

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Grey is romantic. Grey is the sounds that come out of a violin's strings, caressed by the wooden bow, held by a lost soul. Grey is the songs, the ballads, the chants created by two lovers, by their kisses, their smiles. Grey is the colour of lost souls' love, of their passion.

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Grey is the colour of the passion that lights up your grandmother's eyes when she shows you old pictures of when she was younger. Grey is nostalgia. Grey is the picture she holds up, the one she always talks more about, the one in which your grandfather is in too. Grey is romance, their love, now locked into a grey memory. Grey is the colour of memories, fading thoughts and old movies. Grey is missing someone, grey is the thought of them crossing your mind, grey is their soul.

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Grey is pretty. No colour is prettier than grey.

Grey is ugly. No colour is uglier than grey, sadder.

Grey is pretty because everything looks better if it's drenched in it, yet grey is ugly because colours are pretty and grey is the colour which embodies the absence of colours.

Grey is what the blind see. Grey is the shadows, the contrast, the silhouettes.

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