hi that's me stoned doing 163892 trips on my music


west coast - the neighbourhood

Image removed Image by larksings
I'm happy cause of me, doesn't matter where I'm livin'
beach, girl, and friends image la, los angeles, and palm tree image
if the sun was God, I'd be covered in faith if the ocean was the devil, I'd be covered in hate
Image by samanda couple, love, and beach image
happiness is a warm gun but before you shoot please, warn us


rich white girls - mansionz

aesthetic, earrings, and alternative image aesthetic, home, and sea image
and you were born inside a castle next to the sea
gossip girl, blair waldorf, and blair image fashion, accessories, and earrings image
rich white girls
celebrities, expensive, and luxury image Image removed
so tell me what could I give you that your daddy can't give you?


ila ××
ila ××

sick of it all - blackbear

people, sick, and newspaper image city, aesthetic, and view image
you holding, onto nothing
academy, aesthetic, and fitness image couple and creed image
and all I want is someone really there, baby
theme, aesthetic, and car image bed, aesthetic, and white image
sick of all the songs, reminding me that I'm really still all alone


paradise - the neighbourhood

Mature image party, drink, and friends image
picture you in summertime drinkin' white wine
friends, tumblr, and friendship image girl, party, and night image
I've got no patience for that anyway sensations don't mean anything if I can't just have everything some days I think I'll run away but what would I even do if I made it?
boy, grunge, and smoke image aesthetic, happiness, and music image
no matter where I go I'll never have control woke up feeling paralysed


90210 - blackbear

movie, the mask, and aesthetic image red, aesthetic, and dark image
i can't control a girl like you. she need a saturday away from home to drink more champagne
casual, drinks, and night out image fashion and outfit image
but she doesn't care, so she keep the party goin in the meantime
aesthetic, body, and feminist image dark, fun, and grunge image
end of the story is inevitably tragic

links to listen to these songs:

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SARA: rich white girls - mansionz


ILARIA: sick of it all - blackbear


GAIA: paradise - the neighbourhood


FEDERICA: 90210 - blackbear


right now i realized that all these songs are by the nbhd or blackbear and it does tell much about me

hope you enjoyed★