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Do you live or just exist? Do you enjoy your life? Are you happy? Or you do your daily routines? Are you proud? Is this what you want? I know that I am often pessimistic and it is stupid to write article like this, but today I had time to think about these "problems". Why don't you do what you want? Why do you feel bad when others criticize you? Why are you afraid to try something new? Why don't you experiment? You live only once so please LIVE. Live your life that way so you don't have to regret it. Fuck hates. Fuck what other thinks. You live for yourself not for them. It took me (and I think it still takes) a long time to realize it. You see yourself in the mirror ugly because THEY. We do not see ourselves real. You have a diet but you want a donut? Eat that donut if you want. Are you on a vacation, you do not have time to workout and you gained some weigts? It is okay...You come home and it will be alright. Live by yourself, not by them. I started so many times over and over again. It was nice for a while and then I went back to the old track ...but now? IDGF what they thinks.
- short powerful message from Vivien

Here are some of my fav songs btw *-*: (yeah i love lost kings)