I have just finished watching The Society and I absolutely loved it so I decided to do this tag

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Name: Melanie
Nickname: everybody calls her Mel except for Harry who cals her Laine
Birthday: November 3rd
Zodiac Signs: Scorpio


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She has short black hair, skinny body, glasses and green eyes.


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Melanie's style is trendy. She wears a lot of high waisted pants and skirts. Also a lot of crop tops and cropped sweaters with sneakers. For jewelry she only wears earrings.


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Mel is very outspoken, she is never afraid to say what she is thinking. She is a natural leader although she refuses to be in charge, Melanie is very sarcastic and can be very bitchy but she always thinks of her friends first although the walls she puts up don't let people see it.

Prom Dress:

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Long Bordeaux dress, nude heels and gold jewelry. Simple makeup with red lips.

Allie, Lexie or Harry:

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Melanie and Allie have been friends since forever so naturally Mel was always on Allie's side


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She is part of the going home committee and she works with Gordie and Bean trying to figure out how this happened.


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Melanie and Allie have been friends since they were kids. She became good friends with Gordie and Bean while working on what happened. Kelly and Mel became close after they both found out about Becca's pregnancy, and with Becca and Sam while she helped trough the pregnancy. Her and Grizzy were already best friends before what happened and continued to be close.

Love Interest:

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Melanie and Harry had known each other for a long but they used to hate each other specially when we turned against Allie and Cassandra but when he got depressed it was Mel who helped him get trough that and his drug addiction. But after he joined Lexie and Campbell she broke things off with him.