Hellooo beautiful

I decided to make a playlist of songs I love and listened to this month a lot. It has random genres because I listen to litteraly everything. Hope you find out some new good music and enjoy the article. :D

NF - When I Grow Up
NF - Therapy Session

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I just love everything about those songs, they're depressive but also have such huge energy. SO GREAT

Ed Sheeran - BLOW (with Chris Stapleton & Bruno Mars)

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This was such unexpected song from them and I love it. I LIVE for rock music, so this was such great suprise.

PALAYE ROYALE - Fucking With My Head

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As I said I love rock(and other similar genres) real much. Also such underrated band. Just check them out, they are f*cking greaaaaaaaaat.

Nightwish - Dark Chest of Wonders
Nightwish - Bye Bye Beautiful

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I think its heavy rock, but not sure which exactly genre it is but yeah, LOVE IT. They changed singers so it has few different versions of songs (and I love every version), but they are almost similar , just changed a little bit in type of singing. (opera and stuff)

The Rolling Stones - Paint It, Black

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They are legends and I love many of their songs but I listened this one much lately.

Ansel Elgort - Supernova

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I LOVE that guy sooo much. I listen to this song like atleast once every week from when it came out. It gives me some weird (but good) mood. It's just GREAT.

Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello - Señorita

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I believe most of you guys heard for this song. I love Shawn Mendes and his songs and Camila has just beautiful voice. And it has HOT video.

Linkin Park

One Step Closer
In The End
Burn it down
Lost in the echo
The Catalyst

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Last week has been 2 years since Chester left us and God I miss him. I always listened to them, but last year I started to listen to them really really much. Legends. <3

Bring Me The Horizon - Shadow Moses

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And lastly one of my favourite genres, metal. They are now kinda pop band but I love both, their old and new stuff. Little depressive song but f*ucking GOOD.

I listened to many more songs, but those are some of main things. Hope you liked my article and will check the songs out and love them. :D