ok I don't know if it will actually help me writing down my process, but I guess there's nothing to lose..

this week was filled with books and I pretty much just read all day for the whole week because of The Reading Rush (an annual readathon).

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I reread the first three Percy Jackson books and ohmygods, I had missed that world so much. If you haven't picked up this series, pleasepleaseplease give it a try, regardless of your age. It's the epitome of amazing!!!

This was definetly fun but my week wasn't balacned because I ignored all my other hobbies just so I could read,
I want the following week to devote myself a bit more to piano practice, drawing and even some videogaming!!

I believe that having balance in your life, knowing your limits and devoting time for everything you love is extremely important for feeling both productive and satisfied.

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"μέτρον άριστον"

As of efforts of working out, eehhh, I only worked out 2 times this week but I was on my period and in pain so uhmmmm, next week? *angelicface*

When it comes to my social life, where I struggle the most personally, uhm I didn't really go out of the house but some of my friends came and we had a sleepover as a celebration to our friend's visit from Sweden (weonlysee her once a year:(() that was fun!!

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Regardless, it was a fun week, I was generally in a good mood and motivated to take care of myself!!

Till next week,
thank you for your time.