You need to know that all you have is you.

Sure you have family and friends but in the end it will always be you and yourself.

Everytime when I think, hey I finally have a good friend, I am wrong.
They do things or say things that show me that they mean so much more to me than I mean to them. And that hurts, every time again.

You feel good in their company, you finally feel like you have someone to talk to. But behind your back, they call you a stalker, they leave your messages unopend. They have other (real) friends, I have only a few real friends. Well I tought so.

In the end, I see that I have really no one. No one who cares enough.
It is always me who cares more. Always me who send a message to ask how they are doing, or to find a date to meet.
One day, after someone named me a stalker. I stopped sending a message first. And what happend? Now I barely get messages at all.

And you know what is really the worst feeling?
That is when you are sitting in a room full of people but you are feeling so alone. You feel more alone than when you are litterally alone.

Everything hurts sometimes. I lie in bed, crying, alone.
And then you meet someone with the same feelings but worse.
Someone who already tried to end their life. And all I can think is, shit, it can be worse. And I am happy she is still here and not dead because shit, I didn't know that she had these feelings. I hope she can be happy again soon.

When you see someone being sad, ASK what is going on!
Even when they don't want to talk, they maybe feel better because at least you ASKED. Compliment people when you feel to. Don't wait to be kind. Be kind always, because you never know what is going on in someone else's life. Think about that.

Thank you for reading if you read this far.
I just wanted to let some things go by writing them down.

sorry for my English but I'am from Belgium so I did my best