i can't believe it!
we're at 3,007 people already who are following me and seem to have a similar taste in... i dunno... what is my account even about? :'D
well, i just want to thank you for simply following me! ♡
and there goes an extra big thank you for all the people who read and heart my articles and an even bigger thank you to all the amazing people who texted me - because it's so cool to get to know you and also i've received so many heartwarming compliments about my writing and that really motivates me to keep going.
i mean, it takes some hours to create a nice article and without your encouragement, i probably would have stopped after the first post.

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i never planned on gaining more followers and maybe that's the reason why i'm so surprised...
i've been on whi for over four years now so it's not totally magic, it's just what happens when you post stuff often i guess.
i'm actually not on any other social media like instagram so i'm not used to getting attention hehe ;)
and i prefer being liked because of my mind which i try to transfer into words and not because of my appearance that's captured in photos.

i fell in love with the community and you are the reason why i'm still writing and posting and all that :)

so as a way of giving you something back for all the encouragement and sweet vibes you've been giving me, the next article i'm gonna post depends on your votes :3

over the last months i've written down some ideas for articles but i'd also love to receive ideas from you guys!

ps: there's no deadline, you can still send me suggestions ;)

1) purify your soul: mental detox

2) 20 little things you can do to help the planet

3) benefits of going vegan

4) my favourite organic moisturizers

5) 13 things to do that improve your skin

6) 8 ways to care for your spirit and nourish your soul

7) 5 apps to level up your life

8) 7 types of meditation to try

9) practical steps to get out of depression

10) popular brands i'm boycotting

11) get to know me: a random girl from the internet

12) what helped me with bpd and depression

13) the perfect selfcare day: my 10 favourite rituals to glow up

>> all you have to do to read your favourite soon is send me a message with your vote! <<

and you can even vote for more than one because i will probably write most of these anyway, so it's more about which one i do first ;)

and again, i'm so grateful for every single heart, every single follower and every single message.

i like to share my thoughts and opinions with the world and it's really fulfilling to get feedback on that.
also i love the fact that my personal aesthetic taste attracts people with a similar taste.
i always look around the profiles of my followers for inspiration
because nothing fits my collections better than what the people who follow them also like.
so thank you for being my biggest inspiration, i wouldn't know where to get the best pictures if there weren't your profiles with all this amazing content ;)

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the last four years of my life have been very turbulent to say the least.
i fell in love for the first time and i have been so heartbroken and it really helped me to share my feelings anonymously with the world.
i've been through a year of depression when i was 14 and heavy phases of emotional instability when i was 16.
for most of my life i wanted to die young because i didn't really see any point in living.
for most of my life i hated myself and the world around me.
now i'm 18 and i'm so free.
i'm so happy.
all that i've been through seems to make sense now, it's been worth fighting through it because now,
i love myself,
i want to live as long as i can and be with the people i love,
i learned to fully accept and love every part of me deeply and truly,
i am in love with every aspect of life and the world around me,
i overcame depression and all my mental issues and i now know that i can overcome anything!
i've grown a lot and during all this time, i've shared my thoughts and feelings with the world and i'm honored to have all of you as company on this crazy journey that is life.
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thank you for reading :)

xx, a random girl from the internet

simply human
simply human
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