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firs of all, i would like to mention that vintage is deeply wedged even in the trends of autumn 2019. cycling shorts, leather, pearl, silk, animal prints, chokers, hair accessory, etc.


✩ satin

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✩ colored leather

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✩ feathers

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✩ orange color

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✩ pearl & grey colors

accessories, fashion, and necklace image golden, luxury, and pearl image

✩ zebra

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✩ chunky chain necklaces

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✩ long jackets

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✩ snakeskin footwear

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✩ boilersuits (overalls)

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✩ square sunglasses

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✩ earrings rings

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✩ midi pleated skirts

tee and pleated skirt image black, fab, and fashion image

✩ red plaid

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