1. Your Favourite Band/s

one direction, liam payne, and niall horan image fleetwood mac, music, and rock image Image removed ot5, liam payne, and niall horan image
One Direction and Fleetwood Mac

2. The Celebrity You Would Marry if You Were Given The Chance

stranger things, dacre montgomery, and billy hargrove image boy, guy, and stranger things image
Dacre Montgomery

3. The Celebrity You Would Turn Gay/Lesbian For

couple, love, and dove cameron image dove cameron, blonde, and beauty image
Dove Cameron

4. Your Favourite Actress

Image removed Image removed
Saoirse Ronan

5. The Celebrity Who Was Your First Crush

actor, beauty, and handsome image ross lynch image
Ross Lynch

6. A Celebrity Who You Would Like to Kiss in a Movie Scene

timothee chalamet image timothee chalamet, call me by your name, and boy image
Timothée Chalamet

7. A Celebrity You Would Love to Trade Lives With

zendaya image zendaya, model, and zendaya coleman image

8. Your Favourite Disney Star/s

beautiful, boy, and beautiful boy image cameron boyce image
Cameron Boyce

9. A Celebrity You Would Love to Be Best Friends With

david dobrik image Image by Happy Pride 🏳️‍🌈
David Dobrik

10. Your Favourite Song-Writer

1d, liam payne, and niall horan image Harry Styles, one direction, and harry image
Harry Styles

11. Actor/Actress From Your Favourite Movie

patrick swayze image the outsiders, darrel curtis, and 1980s image
Patrick Swayze

12. Actor/Actress From Your Favourite TV Show

icons, edits, and brooklyn nine nine image dacre montgomery, maya hawke, and stranger things image stranger things, millie bobby brown, and stranger things cast image terry, 99, and brooklyn nine-nine image
The Casts of Brooklyn 99 and Stranger Things

13. The Celebrity You Would Do Anything to Meet

beautiful, indie, and styles image Harry Styles, one direction, and style image
Harry Styles

14. The Celebrity Whose Concert You Would Love to Go to

louis tomlinson, Hot, and smile image Temporarily removed Harry Styles and harry image Image by raggedy man
Louis Tomlinson or Harry Styles

15. A Celebrity You Would Like to Bring Back to Life

Temporarily removed river phoenix, boy, and 80s image
River Phoenix

16. A Celebrity You Would Love to Have Over For Dinner

julia roberts image julia roberts image
Julia Roberts

17. A Celebrity Whose Voice You Would Like to Have

black and white, nike, and billie eilish image wallpaper and billie eilish image
Billie Eilish

18. A Celebrity Whose Wardrobe You Would Love to Own

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Gigi Hadid

19. A Celebrity You Saw In Concert

why don't we, boy, and jonah marais image boys, jonah marais, and daniel seavey image
Why Don't We

20. A Celebrity You Would Love to Interview

stevie nicks image music, stevie nicks, and fleetwood mac image
Stevie Nicks