There is a small community on the internet who are obsessed with 'subliminals', which are supposedly subtle messages which help you achieve what you want through almost anything, whether it be repeating a catch phrase or listening to a certain song on youtube. They can make you smarter, prettier or more charismatic..

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Subliminals work most of the time, but not in the way people think. Subliminals give people faith and confidence to achieve anything, from getting higher grades to clearer skin. This can help people stress less about academics or boost positivity and help negative moods you may have been experiencing. Although they are not magic and cannot make all your wishes come true, they only help you create a positive frame of mind.

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So don't rely on subliminals or any other prayer or spiritual ritual to make things happen, keep positive, confident and relaxed and work for your goals as much as you can. Whether you stress or not it does not make an outcome different it just makes the journey harder.

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If subliminals help you feel better, keep at them, but always remember to only rely on yourself because expecting anyone or anything to get things for you can end disappointingly.