There was a time when we hid a whole part of us.
We felt wrong for being who we were.
But we learned to accept this part of us.
And we could finally feel truly loved by those around us.
And then I met you.
A person who understood me for me.
And though some people might still look away when they see us together,
We will always have each other, and the people who love us for us.
And that's already more than enough.

Author's note:

Hey guys, It's me, lilknight, and I just wanted to say thanks for all the hearts I've gotten on previous posts, and to be true to yourself. I actually chose to write this, because I'm pansexual, and as long as the person has a good heart, I'll like them. Another reason I wrote this is because I see a lot of kids at my school bullying the LGBTQ kids, and calling them awful names. I hate this because I know that rather we like the same gender or opposite gender, we're still human, and we still should respect each other. Rather female or male, or even transgender, we should be respectful. So with that being said......

(p.s, I'm well aware that it's not pride month anymore.)