Haha this is based off of my best friend xoxo

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name: Reign Gabrielle Hectorson
age: 18
D.O.B: 22nd April 1969
allias: R, Rogue, Rubs


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Reign is portrayed by the gorgeous Sofia Carson


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Skirts, jumper crop tops, oversized jackets and white sneakers


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Bitchy, kind to certain people, independent and a huge feminist, and heartbroken


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Having sleepovers with robin and Echo, and photography


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She doesn’t really like people except for Nancy and Echo and her best friend ofc


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Robin is Reign’s best friend and has been since childbirth.


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Dylan is Reigns ex boyfriend, who broke her heart
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Finn is Reigns old childhood friend who she always had a crush on, and he’s been in love with her since hey were in diapers, but she’s to scared to get into another relationship so he’s giving her time


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Reigns parents, Jemima and Sean moved to Italy with her younger sister, Natasha, and she decided to live with her cousins, Caleb and Daniel, before Daniel moved out


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Reign now lives with Caleb, his girlfriend Flora, her sister, Kaya and they adopted Echo.