Hello, everyone! This modern fast pace of life makes us forget to stop and smell the roses. Therefore we should have some rituals which help us to ground down. I suggest trying sky treatment. As for me, I feel like a million dollars afterwards. Also it'll program your mind for success because it's very important what thoughts and feelings you fall asleep with.

So right before you go to bed you do this. It doesn't matter what feelings you come with to your window or a garden, you'll be tranquil and at peace. This is the time for you to connect and align with the Universe. Look up at the infinite magnificent sky. Watch myriad sparkling stars and howl at the moon. Feel your soul. You can talk to yourself, Universe or a tree in order to clear your mind after a long day. You'll probably even have an insight, some thoughts and intentions will rise in your head and your mood will shift. The reason is the Universe is talking and guiding you. “I love my life and I am thankful for everything in my life. I love you, World”, say it out loud. Personally, I feel stronger and unconquerable after that. I want to live and create. It's like everything is possible.

Moreover, you can spend some minutes outside or in front of your window in the morning as well. It'll help to evoke those feelings once again and you'll wake up with the nature.

sky, clouds, and stars image

Thank you so much for reading! Let your dreams come true!