I think The people would be nicer if we have places where we could have mental breakdowns during the day. Like bathrooms, you know, everyone has to go to the bathroom so we put them everywhere. So i say we need places where we can freely have small mental breakdowns without being judged. To release the negative energy, just like in bathrooms.

Today i realized that i think about the concept of bathrooms quite often and I wonder if The people think about bathrooms as much as I do. Sometimes I wonder if Beyonce takes shits. I wonder if she stopped taking shits after she joined the illuminati, i mean if it was me I would make it part of the package in exchange for my soul. Forget about world power,just imagine being the only person who doesn't actually take shits. Wow. what a life.

Today I also realized that The people are ugly and that inspire me to start writing because ¿who cares?. At the end of the day, The people do not care about anyone else but themselves. Right? So why should I care? Except I grew up thinking I have to be nice to everyone. If i start being conscious about my actions i notice how most of them come from a place of wanting to please The people around me, make The people feel comfortable.

So imagine what I felt today when i realized that The people are ugly and I have spent all my life trying to get acceptance from Them and They don't even care. I felt naive, to say the least, and I wanted to throw up a little bit, then i realized that i'm in the “before I turn 20” stage and there is a lot coming my way and I wanted to throw up even more.

This is the point where you would think my mind would shut down and go to sleep. But you're wrong, the overthinking must go on.

What is the first thing you would confess knowing no one gives a f*ck? Mine would probably be my favorite song. I have never found the courage to confess that my favorite song of all time is “who cares” by Selena Gomez. I try mentioning it to one of my best friends once but I got really nervous and I played it off by saying it’s my guilty pleasure and I only listen to it from time to time when in reality i listen to it daily.

Anyways, i wonder why the human being is the only animal who feels the need to make the bathroom experience so private.