OK, so I am going to be sharing some personality/mentality school goals.

So let us get STaRTeD


I am that person who says...

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  • I'm dead inside
  • Life is meaningless
  • I have no soul

I say this all the time whether I am joking or not and I want to change that.

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I'm not going to try to be sUpEr PoSiTivE but maybe a little, just a little bit more positive


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Similar to what I said above, I am going to try not to start things with a negative mentality. Before I do something I tend to already start hating it. I am going to try to stop doing that.
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I also want to try to stop beating myself up for making mistakes because this makes me have a negative view of try new things or improving myself in the future.

Remember to LOVE YOURSELF........because it's fun to do that!! IG and check out my post below.


I got more "Back to School" articles, summer articles, etc.
This will be my aesthetic....when I get a job