Hey guys, what's up?

This week I post a little sooner because on Monday I'm actually leaving for vacation so I wouldn't be able to post. And in my opinion it's better to post earlier tnat not posting at all.

So today's article is how to pack for vacation. Let's begin.

Step 1:

Make a list: That will help you to see if all the things you are going to pack are really usefull and important. Furthermore you can keep the list and when the last day you are packing again you'll be sure you haven't forgotten anything.

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Step 2:

Clothes: Now the big stuff... In my opinion when you are on vacation is better to have with you casual comfy clothes like shorts and T-shirts.Of course be prepared and have something more formal with you but believe me night dresses are not exactly what we say ideal for an excursion. Oh don't forget your swimsuit!

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Step 3:

Shoes: It's actually the exact same philosophy with the clothes.Mostly comfy shoes like sneakers or sandals and just a pair of more " formal" shoes just in case.

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Step 4:

Make-up products: Well, it's summer so I believe that lighter make-up is better. Take with you only the necessairy things and make sure that the packages are not fragile. You don't want any acidents to ruin your perfect vacation.

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Step 5:

Entertaiment: If you have to travel for hours you may get bored. If you have read my ABC article* or you have seen my collection " aes: myself"** you'll probably know that I'm not leaving my house without books and music. But if you dont have enough space for books you should check audiobooks and e-books.

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▪ Leave some space at your suitcase because you might want to buy something later.
▪ Take your skin care products at travel size.
▪ Take a camera with you.
▪ The day of the trip wake up early and have a final check.

So that's for today guys.

Hope you liked my article.